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#1475 fixed Client JSV slow down submit too much Dave Love <…> wangvisual

Without client JSVs, qsub can be finished within 0.03 seconds, with one JSV, qsub need 1.1 seconds, with 2 JSVs, qsub need 2.2 seconds. The JSV script only takes 0.1 second to run so it's issue with GRD.

Actually we'e using Univa Grid Engine 8.1.4 but as the code are from the same base, SoGE might have the same issue, you can verify it by just compare the turn around time for: date +%X.%N ; echo ls | qsub -P bnormal -clear; date +%X.%N and date +%X.%N ; echo ls | qsub -P bnormal -clear -jsv jsv_script ; date +%X.%N

We've reported to UGE and they will give a fixed version, but I just noticed they didn't open source their core since 8.0 any more.

The related codes are jsv_stop() in & sge_peclose() in

jsv_stop will first send 'QUIT' to jsv process and then call sge_peclose, at this time, the jsv process is about to exit, but most of the time it not becomes zombie yet, so first call of waitpid(pid, NOHANG) will fail and sge_peclose will sleep for 1 second and retry.

The 'sleep 1' is the root cause of the slowness.

BTW, There's one workaround for this issue, If the JSV script suicide after sending the ACCEPT or REJECT command, then the TAT is very short, eg: jsv_accept('Job is now accepted'); kill "INT", $$;

#1489 wontfix Dependency on package libtiff2-dev tamas.hauer@…


In the .deb package sge_8.1.6_amd64, there is a dependency on lesstif2 (>= 1:0.94.4).

Recently, however, lesstif2 got removed from the repositories, see:

The ubuntu gridengine has been adjusted accordingly, it seems.



-- Tamás Hauer Genève, Switzerland


#1365 ENOTEMPTY check wrong? Florian.LaRoche@…

Hello Dave,

your first change looks like:

if (rmdir(task_spool_dir)) {

if (errno != ENOTEMPTY)


MSG_JOB_TASK_SPOOL_FILE, strerror(errno)));


Then the next:

if (!rmdir(spool_dir_third)) {

if (ENOTEMPTY == errno)


if (ENOTEMPTY == errno)


MSG_JOB_TASK_SPOOL_FILE, strerror(errno)));

I think you wanted to keep these "ENOTEMPTY != errno" to check for special other errors here?

best regards,

Florian La Roche

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