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#1142 IZ201: cannot modify cvs release tag in testsuite config defect normal testsuite
#1190 IZ249: Need test for issue 2694 enhancement normal testsuite
#1265 IZ3281: consumable JOB handled as YES during scheduling, but correctly charged at execution time defect normal sge
#1266 IZ3282: Changed h_rt not effective for `qmod -rj` or checkpoint migration defect normal sge
#1267 IZ3283: -builtin- job startup method inherits $TERM from the execd and wrong owner of tty file defect normal sge
#1272 IZ3288: load/'s "usage" output in one line only defect normal sge
#1279 email2trac test defect normal sge
#1288 IZ3290: `man sge_pe` doesn't explain settings "NONE" for start/stop_proc_args defect normal sge
#1289 IZ3291: Adding a new PE should use NONE instead of /bin/true for start/stop_proc_args defect normal sge
#1292 IZ3294: Wrong header for sge_ckpt.1 defect normal sge
#1294 IZ: defect highest sge
#1350 [SGE-bugs] Error building from src.rpm on RHEL 6 defect normal sge
#1362 inst_template.conf defect normal 8.0.0d sge
#1365 ENOTEMPTY check wrong? defect normal sge
#1370 execd spool files are world-writable defect normal sge
#1388 remove PVM specifics? task normal sge
#1390 Re: #1370 execd spool files are world-writable defect normal sge
#1396 SGE fixes detected by clangs static analyser defect normal sge
#1409 Qmaster process uses all memory and gets killed by the OOM killer defect normal sge
#1435 qalter -w says held job is already running defect normal sge
#1469 New functionality for sge_ca (CSP certification management tool) defect normal sge
#1477 Prevent SGE_BINDING variable having a spurious space at start defect normal sge
#1480 Prevent root-owned files in execd active_job spool area defect normal sge
#1489 Dependency on package libtiff2-dev defect normal sge
#1506 Re: [SGE-bugs] SoGE 8.1.6 GUI Crash defect normal sge
#1526 Bug writing pe_hostfile binding strategy ? defect normal sge
#1529 missing new line defect normal sge
#1531 #1530?type=patch?owner=dlove defect normal sge
#1532 #1530 defect normal sge
#1533 #1530?owner=dlove&type=patch defect normal sge
#1540 Fwd: SGE Trac defect normal sge
#1558 Re: [SGE-bugs] darcs patch: aimk changes needed for cygwin compile defect normal sge
#1572 breakages in OpenSSL 1.1.0 defect normal sge
#1579 Re: [SGE-bugs] qconf - not an admin host defect normal sge
#1585 [javac] warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.5 defect normal sge
#1591 [PATCH] 8.1.9 build failure with high parallelism defect normal sge
#1593 sge_ca should use sha256 signatures by default defect normal sge
#1600 Properly support aarch64 defect normal sge
#1608 Fix and enhance kerberos username checking defect normal sge
#1613 fails to build with Java 9 defect normal sge
#1615 darcs patch: define errno patch normal sge
#1616 darcs patch: darcs repo https only patch normal sge
#1617 darcs patch: vpath for munge on jessie patch normal sge
#1618 darcs patch: openssl 1.1 ciphers patch high future sge
#1619 darcs patch: ssize_t instead size_t defect highest sge
#1621 darcs patch: bugfix and enhance maintainer scripts defect normal sge
#1627 Stray printf debug statement about utilization_normalize defect low sge
#1630 qmake fails to build with glibc 2.27 defect normal sge
#1632 Error connection for ubuntu 18.04 LT defect normal sge
#823 check possible form of new version names task high 8.0.0a sge
#836 Use hwloc defect normal sge
#1277 qalter complains about changing resource requests but does it anyway defect normal sge
#1296 ensure compatibility with 6.2u5 to pass "standards" test defect high 8.0.0a sge
#1297 missing indexing in arco tables for postgres and oracle databases defect normal arco
#1304 JSV breaks qsub from stdin defect normal sge
#1308 need recipe to build herd defect normal 8.0.0a sge
#1311 and don't honor host_aliases defect normal sge
#1313 .sge_quota not working defect normal sge
#1314 Inconsistent documentation defect normal sge
#1324 allow fair share by runtime (slot count) enhancement normal sge
#1326 Expand extra variables in external program templates defect normal sge
#1327 qsched needs a man page enhancement normal sge
#1332 qrsh accepts/ignores -o defect normal sge
#1334 Patch to allow RPM to build without Java enhancement normal sge
#1335 expurgate ksh enhancement low sge
#1338 qstat doesn't report array job concurrency limit enhancement normal sge
#1339 job spool files getting lost defect high 8.0.0c sge
#1340 allow longer error reason enhancement normal sge
#1358 -db still in install scripts defect normal 8.0.0c sge
#1359 split RPM package further defect normal 8.0.0c sge
#1392 PE task array job failure due to missing job script on execd defect normal sge
#1437 builtin qlogin client fails on 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 defect normal sge
#1457 qstat reports urgency slots rather than real/range value defect normal sge
#1458 urgency_slots should apply to parallel jobs requesting a fixed number of slots enhancement normal sge
#1459 USE_CGROUPS sets host in error state defect normal sge
#1476 Add a per-host consumables and resource maps like in Univa Grid Engine feature normal sge
#1491 Support -sys-jemalloc option enhancement normal sge
#1492 loadsensor reports are stale defect normal sge
#1505 Policy Per Job size limit for user enhancement normal sge
#1541 Allow using libmotif instead of lesstif2 defect normal sge
#1542 Submit to Debian packages enhancement normal sge
#1543 error: commlib error: access denied (client IP resolved to host name "". This is not identical to clients host name "") defect normal sge
#1544 FTBFS Scientific Linux 5/RHEL5 defect normal sge
#1545 SGE Buffering Python Output defect normal sge
#1546 qsub -terse option performs oddly with non critical errors defect normal sge
#1573 [8.1.9] Installation error from source defect normal sge
#1578 qtcsh compile failure defect normal sge
#1587 compiling sge for CentOS 7 defect normal sge
#1420 qmake 8.1.0 puts "\n" in multiline commands, causing the commands to fail. sbridgett defect normal sge
#381 IZ2112: compilation pains and solutions on fedora core 6 dlove defect normal sge
#491 IZ2506: Change default method to determine Linux libC version dlove enhancement normal sge
#593 IZ2780: Move manager/operator setup out of CreateSGEStartupScripts dlove patch normal 8.0.0e sge
#820 Sort out spec file dlove enhancement high 8.0.0a sge
#821 Get graphical installer building dlove task normal 8.0.0a sge
#824 sort out mail lists and mail-based bug submission dlove task normal hosting
#830 commit hook not working dlove defect high hosting
#831 update tickets from issuezilla dlove task high hosting
#832 use recent source for qtcsh and qmake dlove task low sge
#838 add the TACC_SGE PAM module dlove feature low sge
#1276 provide snapshots dlove task high hosting
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