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#1593 sge_ca should use sha256 signatures by default defect normal sge
#1600 Properly support aarch64 defect normal sge
#1608 Fix and enhance kerberos username checking defect normal sge
#1613 fails to build with Java 9 defect normal sge
#1619 darcs patch: ssize_t instead size_t defect highest sge
#1621 darcs patch: bugfix and enhance maintainer scripts defect normal sge
#1627 Stray printf debug statement about utilization_normalize defect low sge
#1630 qmake fails to build with glibc 2.27 defect normal sge
#1632 Error connection for ubuntu 18.04 LT defect normal sge
#8 IZ97: exit code implications for various methods enhancement normal sge
#10 IZ111: qconf man page updated with new -clearusage option enhancement normal sge
#11 IZ114: Two new cluster configuration parameters (max_aj_instances, max_aj_tasks) enhancement normal sge
#19 IZ168: enhance qacct [-A account_string] to qacct [-A [account_string]] Dave Love <…> enhancement low sge
#20 IZ178: New cluster configuration parameter "max_jobs" enhancement highest sge
#22 IZ205: cannot create "parallel interactive" queues only. enhancement normal sge
#30 IZ227: HOWTO for aix loadsensor enhancement normal sge
#38 IZ254: create and use function to get paths/files in active_jobs directory enhancement normal sge
#41 IZ258: output of job/jatask/petask ids enhancement normal sge
#45 IZ270: Make it possible not checking for binaries at install Dave Love <…> enhancement lowest sge
#55 IZ304: sge_conf(5) binary_path not used for qrsh_starter enhancement normal sge
#85 IZ483: reporting of reason for job abort enhancement normal sge
#87 IZ512: performance of non unique hashtables can be improved enhancement normal sge
#98 IZ570: qstat -s prsz bug Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#105 IZ615: Admin doc has to reflect changes of the complex matching enhancement normal sge
#117 IZ655: qmake dynamic allocation enhancement normal sge
#121 IZ726: Mixed upper- and lowercase in shortcuts enhancement highest sge
#128 IZ739: Edit Box should not only be Read-Only but also be grayed enhancement normal sge
#166 IZ1010: Job array lack means to get email notification for the total array enhancement normal sge
#174 IZ1047: qacct should dump scale unit for data output Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#185 IZ1102: user belonging to too many groups sets all queues into error state enhancement normal sge
#203 IZ1296: Add user to log message when unable to run an interactive job enhancement normal sge
#207 IZ1321: change default value for pe attribs start/stop_proc_args enhancement high sge
#215 IZ1383: replace_params() function needs improvement Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#218 IZ1412: additional pseudo variable $sge_root for pe definition enhancement normal sge
#293 IZ1881: sgeCA should be outside of CELL directory Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#340 IZ2025: change behaviour of "admin_user" in bootstrap Dave Love <…> enhancement high sge
#353 IZ2044: Checkpointing: More intuitive naming of checkpointing conditions enhancement normal sge
#379 IZ2102: Interpret $TASK_ID also for non-array jobs in -o / -e Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#408 IZ2205: new option for qacct to select jobs based on their end times enhancement normal sge
#491 IZ2506: Change default method to determine Linux libC version dlove enhancement normal sge
#492 IZ2507: "root" should be able to submit jobs for arbitrary users via DRMAA Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#503 IZ2542: Allow users to limit concurrent array job task execution enhancement high sge
#504 IZ2544: qmake should be upgraded to Make 3.80 enhancement normal sge
#529 IZ2621: Need presubmission procedures enhancement normal sge
#530 IZ2623: ns are terrifyingly bad enhancement normal sge
#556 IZ2674: need a better way to control shadow daemon parameters enhancement normal sge
#616 IZ2845: Need to be able to dynamically link to openssl enhancement normal sge
#632 IZ2906: JSV API needs to be available for Java platform enhancement normal sge
#690 IZ3072: gui jobs on windows vista only starting when there is a user logged into the system enhancement normal sge
#704 IZ3095: add "-pty <yes|no>" switch to qsub enhancement high sge
#720 IZ3143: Request multiple slots without using a PE enhancement normal sge
#721 IZ3144: Array job using multiple job scripts enhancement normal sge
#745 IZ3188: Scheduling parallel jobs should allow regular patterns in pe names also for new jobs enhancement normal sge
#795 IZ3257: execd 'job exceeds job hard limit' message should include task id as well as job id. enhancement normal sge
#820 Sort out spec file dlove enhancement high 8.0.0a sge
#867 IZ245: Need a naming convention for all resource bundles enhancement high hedeby
#943 IZ2: add_checkpointobj, should have fast_add option enhancement low testsuite
#1063 IZ122: testsuite should support no root access fs enhancement normal testsuite
#1082 IZ141: implement cvs update hooks for testsuite enhancement normal testsuite
#1117 IZ176: need cvs update hook for testsuite enhancement normal testsuite
#1190 IZ249: Need test for issue 2694 enhancement normal testsuite
#1285 tabulate status possibilities in qstat.1 Dave Love <…> enhancement low sge
#1302 add credits dlove enhancement high sge
#1306 eliminate use of ksh Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#1324 allow fair share by runtime (slot count) enhancement normal sge
#1327 qsched needs a man page enhancement normal sge
#1334 Patch to allow RPM to build without Java enhancement normal sge
#1335 expurgate ksh enhancement low sge
#1338 qstat doesn't report array job concurrency limit enhancement normal sge
#1340 allow longer error reason enhancement normal sge
#1373 check/document sge_share_mon Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#1412 check in rc script that the shepherd, at least, will load Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#1444 qsub -c r not documented in qsub manpage Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#1445 qstat -j does not show 'r' flag in checkpoint_attr Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#1449 Behavior of checkpoint_method on job termination Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#1458 urgency_slots should apply to parallel jobs requesting a fixed number of slots enhancement normal sge
#1491 Support -sys-jemalloc option enhancement normal sge
#1505 Policy Per Job size limit for user enhancement normal sge
#1539 Report SSL error IDs as hexadecimal Dave Love <…> enhancement normal sge
#1542 Submit to Debian packages enhancement normal sge
#1550 Better job scheduling within a sharetree node Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> enhancement normal sge
#15 IZ154: suppress READ_DANGLING (insure) in combination with getenv() Dave Love <…> task normal sge
#95 IZ554: GE scheduler and ntpdate seems incompatible. task normal sge
#154 IZ924: include example of host_aliases in .../common Dave Love <…> task normal sge
#821 Get graphical installer building dlove task normal 8.0.0a sge
#823 check possible form of new version names task high 8.0.0a sge
#824 sort out mail lists and mail-based bug submission dlove task normal hosting
#831 update tickets from issuezilla dlove task high hosting
#832 use recent source for qtcsh and qmake dlove task low sge
#986 IZ45: remove testsuite code from gridengine cvs repository task normal testsuite
#1276 provide snapshots dlove task high hosting
#1388 remove PVM specifics? task normal sge
#1570 FIFO Model in SGE Narsimha task high sge
#35 IZ245: qhost -l h=<hostname> does not work patch normal sge
#44 IZ269: PVM_VMID should be set in job script, start/ Dave Love <…> patch normal sge
#171 IZ1028: Allow SIGTRAP to enable debugging patch normal sge
#224 IZ1443: code cleanup in builtin_starter.c:start_command() Dave Love <…> patch normal sge
#248 IZ1617: Bad check for jobs when removing execution hosts patch normal sge
#321 IZ1962: Problems compiling maintrunk on Fedora development version patch normal sge
#383 IZ2114: build failure (and solution) on fedora core 3 to 6 (any platform where /usr/bin/java exists) patch normal sge
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