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#1583 Project object usage in spool should only be updated if it has changed Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#1585 [javac] warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.5 defect normal sge
#1587 compiling sge for CentOS 7 defect normal sge
#1588 compiling SGE for CentOS7 Dave Love <…> defect normal sge
#1589 [PATCH] Remove connection limit based on FD_SETSIZE Daniel Kobras <d.kobras@…> defect normal sge
#1590 Hangs in execd status - with FIX Dave Love <…> defect normal sge
#1591 [PATCH] 8.1.9 build failure with high parallelism defect normal sge
#1593 sge_ca should use sha256 signatures by default defect normal sge
#1600 Properly support aarch64 defect normal sge
#1608 Fix and enhance kerberos username checking defect normal sge
#1613 fails to build with Java 9 defect normal sge
#1615 darcs patch: define errno patch normal sge
#1616 darcs patch: darcs repo https only patch normal sge
#1617 darcs patch: vpath for munge on jessie patch normal sge
#1618 darcs patch: openssl 1.1 ciphers patch high future sge
#1619 darcs patch: ssize_t instead size_t defect highest sge
#1621 darcs patch: bugfix and enhance maintainer scripts defect normal sge
#1627 Stray printf debug statement about utilization_normalize defect low sge
#1630 qmake fails to build with glibc 2.27 defect normal sge
#1632 Error connection for ubuntu 18.04 LT defect normal sge
#824 sort out mail lists and mail-based bug submission dlove task normal hosting
#830 commit hook not working dlove defect high hosting
#831 update tickets from issuezilla dlove task high hosting
#1276 provide snapshots dlove task high hosting
#1284 check need for setting executable permissions after repo pulls dlove defect high hosting
#1323 trac auto-closing of tickets not working dlove defect high hosting
#1344 email2trac broken dlove defect normal hosting
#1356 fix CRLF in trac notification email dlove defect normal hosting
#1564 md5 sums for downloadable RPMs dlove defect high hosting
#867 IZ245: Need a naming convention for all resource bundles enhancement high hedeby
#1297 missing indexing in arco tables for postgres and oracle databases defect normal arco
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