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#439 IZ2311: man page errors patch normal sge
#490 IZ2499: request new secure tunnel public key install patch normal sge
#546 IZ2656: Fix to support JAVA_HOME discovery on alternatives-based systems patch normal sge
#593 IZ2780: Move manager/operator setup out of CreateSGEStartupScripts dlove patch normal 8.0.0e sge
#709 IZ3112: memset: wrong order of arguments patch normal sge
#785 IZ3247: *printf statements used without formatting patch normal sge
#790 IZ3252: Wrong ' coding in qstat manpage patch normal sge
#804 IZ3267: Bugfix for pathname expansion in jsv_get_param patch normal sge
#1295 IZ3295: Too many users in a group causes GE commands to fail Dave Love <…> patch normal sge
#1455 Wrong load for cluster queue with 0 slots Dave Love <…> patch normal sge
#1507 qmake crash with buffer overflow Dave Love <…> patch normal sge
#1516 Fixes for aimk issues on Mac OS X dlove patch normal sge
#1523 Misdetecting cgroup vs cpuset naming convention dlove patch normal sge
#1527 configure script bombs out with unexpected fi dlove patch normal sge
#1528 darcs patch: Remove empty commands from fix #1527 dlove patch normal sge
#1530 sge-common_8.1.8_all.deb FTBFS dlove patch normal sge
#1536 FTBFS MacOSX dlove patch normal sge
#1581 fails to build from source (#endif without #if) Afif Elghraoui <afif@…> patch normal sge
#1615 darcs patch: define errno patch normal sge
#1616 darcs patch: darcs repo https only patch normal sge
#1617 darcs patch: vpath for munge on jessie patch normal sge
#1618 darcs patch: openssl 1.1 ciphers patch high future sge
#3 IZ56: job resource request lacks OR operator feature normal sge
#43 IZ260: Prevent master from accepting jobs without id range specification feature highest sge
#94 IZ553: Admin guide: Moved object references from pe/ckpt into queue feature normal sge
#577 IZ2740: Parallel jobs should be handled as a group Dave Love <…> feature normal sge
#726 IZ3150: need Java binding for JSV feature normal sge
#808 IZ3271: Syslog protocol support in SGE Dave Love <…> feature high 8.0.0e sge
#837 distribute Haupt's Pam module for ssh tight integration? Dave Love <…> feature low sge
#838 add the TACC_SGE PAM module dlove feature low sge
#1476 Add a per-host consumables and resource maps like in Univa Grid Engine feature normal sge
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