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#749 IZ3194: sge_shepherd segfault on OpenSuSE 11.2 (x86_64) defect highest sge
#207 IZ1321: change default value for pe attribs start/stop_proc_args enhancement high sge
#482 IZ2464: ob_info can cause immense memory consumption defect high sge
#748 IZ3192: double free corruption when getting groupid of ldap users defect high sge
#789 IZ3251: Repeated qmaster SEGVs defect high sge
#867 IZ245: Need a naming convention for all resource bundles enhancement high hedeby
#166 IZ1010: Job array lack means to get email notification for the total array enhancement normal sge
#236 IZ1531: filtering with qhost broken defect normal sge
#745 IZ3188: Scheduling parallel jobs should allow regular patterns in pe names also for new jobs enhancement normal sge
#807 IZ3270: qalter with activated server side jsv throws misleading error defect normal sge
#1063 IZ122: testsuite should support no root access fs enhancement normal testsuite
#1082 IZ141: implement cvs update hooks for testsuite enhancement normal testsuite
#1190 IZ249: Need test for issue 2694 enhancement normal testsuite
#1277 qalter complains about changing resource requests but does it anyway defect normal sge
#1313 .sge_quota not working defect normal sge
#1332 qrsh accepts/ignores -o defect normal sge
#1350 [SGE-bugs] Error building from src.rpm on RHEL 6 defect normal sge
#1435 qalter -w says held job is already running defect normal sge
#1459 USE_CGROUPS sets host in error state defect normal sge
#1476 Add a per-host consumables and resource maps like in Univa Grid Engine feature normal sge
#1506 Re: [SGE-bugs] SoGE 8.1.6 GUI Crash defect normal sge
#1528 darcs patch: Remove empty commands from fix #1527 dlove patch normal sge
#1529 missing new line defect normal sge
#1531 #1530?type=patch?owner=dlove defect normal sge
#1532 #1530 defect normal sge
#1533 #1530?owner=dlove&type=patch defect normal sge
#1632 Error connection for ubuntu 18.04 LT defect normal sge
#943 IZ2: add_checkpointobj, should have fast_add option enhancement low testsuite
#1335 expurgate ksh enhancement low sge
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