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#1576 qconf - not an admin host Dave Love <…> defect normal sge
#1588 compiling SGE for CentOS7 Dave Love <…> defect normal sge
#1590 Hangs in execd status - with FIX Dave Love <…> defect normal sge
#1557 darcs patch: aimk changes needed for cygwin compile Marco Schmidt <…> defect normal sge
#435 IZ2298: array job accounting or scheduling problem Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#1483 Prevent cgroup/cpuset code from killing shepherd at job en Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#1490 Gain privileges before execd kills rogue processes Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#1517 sge_ca only does partial matches against GECOS data Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#1549 Project usage is not saved across qmaster restarts Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#1550 Better job scheduling within a sharetree node Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> enhancement normal sge
#1551 Spool not flushed at qmaster exit Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#1552 Advance reservations not sorted at qmaster start Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#1553 Jobs not sorted at qmaster start Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#1582 Project object usage not spooled while qmaster running Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#1583 Project object usage in spool should only be updated if it has changed Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect normal sge
#491 IZ2506: Change default method to determine Linux libC version dlove enhancement normal sge
#593 IZ2780: Move manager/operator setup out of CreateSGEStartupScripts dlove patch normal 8.0.0e sge
#820 Sort out spec file dlove enhancement high 8.0.0a sge
#821 Get graphical installer building dlove task normal 8.0.0a sge
#824 sort out mail lists and mail-based bug submission dlove task normal hosting
#830 commit hook not working dlove defect high hosting
#831 update tickets from issuezilla dlove task high hosting
#832 use recent source for qtcsh and qmake dlove task low sge
#838 add the TACC_SGE PAM module dlove feature low sge
#1276 provide snapshots dlove task high hosting
#1278 review/fix the top-level READMEs dlove defect normal 8.0.0a sge
#1284 check need for setting executable permissions after repo pulls dlove defect high hosting
#1302 add credits dlove enhancement high sge
#1323 trac auto-closing of tickets not working dlove defect high hosting
#1344 email2trac broken dlove defect normal hosting
#1349 RHEL 6 build problems dlove defect normal 8.0.0b sge
#1356 fix CRLF in trac notification email dlove defect normal hosting
#1516 Fixes for aimk issues on Mac OS X dlove patch normal sge
#1523 Misdetecting cgroup vs cpuset naming convention dlove patch normal sge
#1527 configure script bombs out with unexpected fi dlove patch normal sge
#1530 sge-common_8.1.8_all.deb FTBFS dlove patch normal sge
#1536 FTBFS MacOSX dlove patch normal sge
#1420 qmake 8.1.0 puts "\n" in multiline commands, causing the commands to fail. sbridgett defect normal sge
#823 check possible form of new version names task high 8.0.0a sge
#836 Use hwloc defect normal sge
#1308 need recipe to build herd defect normal 8.0.0a sge
#1311 and don't honor host_aliases defect normal sge
#1314 Inconsistent documentation defect normal sge
#1326 Expand extra variables in external program templates defect normal sge
#1327 qsched needs a man page enhancement normal sge
#1334 Patch to allow RPM to build without Java enhancement normal sge
#1338 qstat doesn't report array job concurrency limit enhancement normal sge
#1340 allow longer error reason enhancement normal sge
#1358 -db still in install scripts defect normal 8.0.0c sge
#1359 split RPM package further defect normal 8.0.0c sge
#1392 PE task array job failure due to missing job script on execd defect normal sge
#1437 builtin qlogin client fails on 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 defect normal sge
#1491 Support -sys-jemalloc option enhancement normal sge
#1492 loadsensor reports are stale defect normal sge
#1546 qsub -terse option performs oddly with non critical errors defect normal sge
#1578 qtcsh compile failure defect normal sge
#1587 compiling sge for CentOS 7 defect normal sge
#3 IZ56: job resource request lacks OR operator feature normal sge
#8 IZ97: exit code implications for various methods enhancement normal sge
#22 IZ205: cannot create "parallel interactive" queues only. enhancement normal sge
#30 IZ227: HOWTO for aix loadsensor enhancement normal sge
#33 IZ243: Memory leak in sge_schedd defect normal sge
#35 IZ245: qhost -l h=<hostname> does not work patch normal sge
#36 IZ246: Load values on HP multi-CPU machines not correct defect normal sge
#37 IZ248: qconf -se shows "reschedule_unknown_list" param defect normal sge
#38 IZ254: create and use function to get paths/files in active_jobs directory enhancement normal sge
#41 IZ258: output of job/jatask/petask ids enhancement normal sge
#42 IZ259: qhost -j is broken defect normal sge
#43 IZ260: Prevent master from accepting jobs without id range specification feature highest sge
#64 IZ358: Kerberos credentials are not being deleted on execution host defect low sge
#85 IZ483: reporting of reason for job abort enhancement normal sge
#87 IZ512: performance of non unique hashtables can be improved enhancement normal sge
#118 IZ659: sge_execd creates world-writeable files in active_jobs directory defect lowest sge
#119 IZ691: missing documentation concerning HGRPs and CQs defect high sge
#121 IZ726: Mixed upper- and lowercase in shortcuts enhancement highest sge
#125 IZ734: Crash in Cluster Queues/Customize/Misc Filters defect highest sge
#126 IZ736: Time dialog handles INFINITY not correctly defect normal sge
#128 IZ739: Edit Box should not only be Read-Only but also be grayed enhancement normal sge
#136 IZ756: qconf help text is wrong defect highest sge
#137 IZ760: configuration parameter "tmpdir" is missing. defect normal sge
#138 IZ764: distinst -basedir ... creates wrong basedir defect normal sge
#140 IZ780: qconf -mhgrp does not support space as separator defect normal sge
#142 IZ820: scheduler crashes in functional ticket calculation on AMD64 defect high sge
#158 IZ949: When qconf fails during installation, the diagnostic is incorrect defect normal sge
#160 IZ960: Buffer sent to getgrgid_r is too small defect normal sge
#162 IZ963: Can't run HPUX binaries defect highest sge
#171 IZ1028: Allow SIGTRAP to enable debugging patch normal sge
#179 IZ1061: Trace file does not get new data after chown over NFS defect normal sge
#180 IZ1074: remove conditional compilation ENABLE_NGC defect normal sge
#185 IZ1102: user belonging to too many groups sets all queues into error state enhancement normal sge
#203 IZ1296: Add user to log message when unable to run an interactive job enhancement normal sge
#210 IZ1327: qstat defaults option file sge_qstat should be documented under FILES defect normal sge
#218 IZ1412: additional pseudo variable $sge_root for pe definition enhancement normal sge
#230 IZ1495: SGE daemons don't start at boot due to install problem on Java Desktop System defect highest sge
#240 IZ1577: sge_conf man page error defect normal sge
#243 IZ1592: commlib: replace cl_bool_t by the sge bool type defect normal sge
#248 IZ1617: Bad check for jobs when removing execution hosts patch normal sge
#266 IZ1736: sge_ca -usercert never exits defect normal sge
#276 IZ1803: Binary jobs are problematic for starter and epilog scripts defect normal sge
#294 IZ1882: mutually subordinating queues suspend eachother simultaneously defect normal sge
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