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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1296 ensure compatibility with 6.2u5 to pass "standards" test defect high 8.0.0a sge
#1457 qstat reports urgency slots rather than real/range value defect normal sge
#1458 urgency_slots should apply to parallel jobs requesting a fixed number of slots enhancement normal sge
#1544 FTBFS Scientific Linux 5/RHEL5 defect normal sge
#227 IZ1476: Error from "" when set -u is set defect highest sge
#271 IZ1781: kerberos wont compile defect normal sge
#353 IZ2044: Checkpointing: More intuitive naming of checkpointing conditions enhancement normal sge
#364 IZ2069: qstat -j JOB_NAME -xml uses differet letter case defect normal sge
#381 IZ2112: compilation pains and solutions on fedora core 6 dlove defect normal sge
#720 IZ3143: Request multiple slots without using a PE enhancement normal sge
#1117 IZ176: need cvs update hook for testsuite enhancement normal testsuite
#1142 IZ201: cannot modify cvs release tag in testsuite config defect normal testsuite
#1489 Dependency on package libtiff2-dev defect normal sge
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