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#1 IZ24: make qsub/qrsh .qtask-file aware patch normal sge
#2 IZ40: How to display list of accessible hosts for a user enhancement normal sge
#4 IZ61: Enhancements for ckpt/reschedule facility enhancement normal sge
#5 IZ73: Generalize shell start modes enhancement normal sge
#6 IZ75: Need additional means to request resources separately for master task and for slave tasks enhancement normal sge
#7 IZ76: Improve job logging and handling of log files enhancement normal sge
#9 IZ106: Define Grid Engine host/queue/... name space in docs enhancement normal sge
#12 IZ121: Capabilities to enhance the Event Client Interface enhancement low sge
#13 IZ129: Bidirectional usermapping limits utility patch normal sge
#14 IZ146: Failed migrate command leaves job running patch normal sge
#16 IZ157: Provide flexible selection criteria for jobs, -masterq enhancement lowest sge
#17 IZ165: Combine the objects JC_Type and SU_Type task normal sge
#18 IZ166: TMP/TMPDIR env vars with SGE_ prefix enhancement low sge
#21 IZ196: improve qconf -muser sanitity checking wrt access permission to default project enhancement low sge
#23 IZ207: Summarize events for array task transactions enhancement low sge
#24 IZ208: Summarize output in qstat and qmon for array jobs enhancement normal sge
#25 IZ209: Summarize answer messages for array jobs enhancement lowest sge
#26 IZ216: Acct file logs mapped user not submitting user enhancement low sge
#27 IZ217: Please add job script and args to the accounting file enhancement low sge
#28 IZ222: qrsh: move info from environment variables to job object enhancement normal sge
#29 IZ224: qstat -j redesign enhancement low sge
#31 IZ241: job fields JB_job_identifier_list and JB_user_list enhancement normal sge
#32 IZ242: job field JB_qs_args enhancement normal sge
#34 IZ244: Load sensor problems are difficult to diagnose enhancement normal sge
#39 IZ256: optimization of search for objects enhancement normal sge
#40 IZ257: communication model of interactive jobs defect normal sge
#46 IZ277: error messages for file access defect normal sge
#47 IZ285: allow parallel job allocation scheme be specified at submission time enhancement low sge
#48 IZ288: qtcsh should be able to submit jobs using qsub enhancement normal sge
#49 IZ290: handling of job names defect normal sge
#50 IZ291: make setting of job_name for available for petasks enhancement normal sge
#51 IZ292: qmake should set task names enhancement normal sge
#52 IZ295: job classes feature normal sge
#53 IZ296: give more information about rejected immediate jobs enhancement normal sge
#54 IZ298: path aliasing should be applied more universal enhancement normal sge
#56 IZ306: primary key functionality for cull lists enhancement normal sge
#57 IZ315: export context variables into job environment enhancement low sge
#58 IZ320: improve load formula syntax enhancement lowest sge
#59 IZ323: enable hashing for all cull data types enhancement normal sge
#60 IZ332: use of boolean and object data type defect normal sge
#61 IZ334: cull functionality not available for all data types defect lowest sge
#62 IZ336: h_vmem and shared memory segments defect low sge
#63 IZ341: Wrong message when interactive job fails to start enhancement low sge
#65 IZ361: Need better documenation in manual and man page for checkpointing enhancement normal sge
#66 IZ366: need new accounting field for when a job was first eligible to run enhancement normal sge
#67 IZ372: "qsub -c <intervall>" does not implicitly set 'm' flag defect low sge
#68 IZ373: Allow load values and expressions as attribute values and load thresholds enhancement normal sge
#69 IZ397: enhance and use libs/gdi/sge_usage enhancement normal sge
#70 IZ400: qalter -A during job run falsifies jobs -A account string from dispatch time defect low sge
#71 IZ404: allow qalter to modify resource requests enhancement normal sge
#72 IZ405: event protocol: no JATASK_DEL event sent for last task defect low sge
#73 IZ406: join adminhost, submithost, exechost, local configuration enhancement normal sge
#74 IZ407: manop and user objects could be joined enhancement normal sge
#75 IZ409: provide all resource requests to job environment enhancement normal sge
#76 IZ411: overlapping functionality of sge_times and sge_profiling enhancement low sge
#77 IZ414: qmake does not reorder outputs from simultaneous builds enhancement normal sge
#78 IZ428: allow userlists in share tree enhancement normal sge
#79 IZ444: interface for sge_log: get/set debuglevel, get/set outputfile enhancement lowest sge
#80 IZ447: No start time/end time in accounting for jobs that ran at crashed machines enhancement low sge
#81 IZ452: Environment variable for -M option in sge_request enhancement normal sge
#82 IZ459: userset '@' notation only checks primary UNIX group enhancement normal sge
#83 IZ473: Need enhancement for consumable/fixed attributes modification enhancement normal sge
#84 IZ475: echo "dtterm" |qsub -V -l onlySun=1 enhancement normal sge
#86 IZ488: INSTALL NOTES: Separate set of gid-ranges on a nfs-server enhancement normal sge
#88 IZ517: Need mechanism to force epilog to run enhancement normal sge
#89 IZ536: Record the original path of the job script enhancement normal sge
#90 IZ537: allow *_method script to run under any user enhancement normal sge
#91 IZ543: job classes could be enabled upon resource availability enhancement normal sge
#92 IZ548: Want suspend/release thresholds enhancement normal sge
#93 IZ550: qstat should sort by job id not queue name enhancement normal sge
#96 IZ562: Have rcsge startup script run local cell-specific startup enhancement normal sge
#97 IZ567: sgeee fair share via share tree - cannot ignore projects enhancement normal sge
#99 IZ581: Delayed evaluation of load sensor values may delay next job enhancement normal sge
#100 IZ584: qrsh jobs must support rescheduling upon resource shortage (exit 99 rescheduling) enhancement high sge
#101 IZ594: Allow to set user name SGE mail is from enhancement normal sge
#102 IZ595: provide "clean-up" method enhancement normal sge
#104 IZ602: have default path for -@ options files feature normal sge
#107 IZ624: Overflow not handled if large time interval parameters are used enhancement low sge
#108 IZ630: shadowd should send email on takeover and error feature normal sge
#109 IZ639: job umasks should be configurable enhancement normal sge
#110 IZ640: there's no way to set a default e-mail domain enhancement normal sge
#111 IZ642: Allow all hosts in domain enhancement normal sge
#112 IZ645: enable explicit migration independent of suspend enhancement normal sge
#113 IZ647: qmod switch cleanup enhancement low sge
#114 IZ649: Cleanup of qmaster setup code task normal sge
#115 IZ650: Unify timed event handling task normal sge
#116 IZ652: send mail when soft limit is exceeded enhancement low sge
#120 IZ702: qmod -d/-e <CQ> output too verbose - might not scale enhancement normal sge
#122 IZ728: Position and size of newly opened dialoges enhancement normal sge
#123 IZ730: File open dialog should remeber last directory enhancement normal sge
#124 IZ731: handling hosts (groups) in queue configuration enhancement normal sge
#127 IZ738: List of available hosts in "Add Queue" enhancement normal sge
#129 IZ741: Invalid values can be entered in most edit boxes enhancement normal sge
#130 IZ742: All paths should be verified enhancement normal sge
#131 IZ743: Better help system should be used enhancement low sge
#132 IZ744: User can be in "Access" and "No Access" at the same time enhancement low sge
#133 IZ746: A value can be entered without a key enhancement normal sge
#134 IZ749: busy qmon with large array task numbers defect low sge
#135 IZ750: qconf -(A|D|M|R)attr gives wrong error message defect lowest sge
#139 IZ772: qstat/qselect shall consider load/utilization in -l selection enhancement high sge
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