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#1166 IZ225: smf support shuld be tested in testsuite task normal testsuite
#1167 IZ226: TS resource/reset needs to be enhanced to test "-s" switch enhancement normal testsuite
#1168 IZ227: Need test for renewing ca certificate task normal testsuite
#1169 IZ228: Restart of components should be tested task normal testsuite
#1170 IZ229: Reload configuration should be tested task normal testsuite
#1171 IZ230: add/remove components/services must be tested task normal testsuite
#1172 IZ231: Need SLO test task high testsuite
#1173 IZ232: Write a test for DRMAA argument filter task normal testsuite
#1174 IZ233: Testsuite install_core_system test ignores ignore_fqdn setting defect high testsuite
#1175 IZ234: drmaaj tests have to be improved enhancement high testsuite
#1176 IZ235: Unsecured hedeby system installation fails defect normal testsuite
#1177 IZ236: ge_stop_and_free_resources does not wait for stopped service patch high testsuite
#1178 IZ237: Need a test for issue 2694 feature high testsuite
#1179 IZ238: Need test suite module for CR 6708763 enhancement normal testsuite
#1180 IZ239: reset hedeby hook does not fix properties of resources correctly defect high testsuite
#1181 IZ240: Need test suite module for IZ2714/CR6708763 task normal testsuite
#1182 IZ241: Create a test for issue 2717 - schedd_runlog is never deleted task normal testsuite
#1183 IZ242: Need test for issue 6745913 feature normal testsuite
#1184 IZ243: Create functional tests for qresub client enhancement normal testsuite
#1185 IZ244: Multiple hedeby distributions versions handling in testsuite enhancement normal testsuite
#1186 IZ245: Not enabled tests in the testsuite defect normal testsuite
#1187 IZ246: Need initial_state of queue_configuration implementation test task normal testsuite
#1188 IZ247: need extensive test for qalter -w [vp] enhancement normal testsuite
#1189 IZ248: Use unified method to leave testsuite menus with "OK" or "Cancel" enhancement high testsuite
#1191 IZ250: Need test for issue 2707 enhancement normal testsuite
#1192 IZ251: Need test for issue 2710 enhancement normal testsuite
#1193 IZ252: Need test for issue 2709 enhancement normal testsuite
#1194 IZ253: Teststuite categories should be enhanced enhancement normal testsuite
#1195 IZ254: testsuite module tests not working task low testsuite
#1196 IZ255: Need a test written to verify gridengine IZ 2755 task low testsuite
#1197 IZ256: qrsh -w v needs to return a message and correct exit code task low testsuite
#1198 IZ257: qconf -Aconf modifies already existing config. task low testsuite
#1199 IZ258: parallelize sdm related steps enhancement high testsuite
#1200 IZ259: Need parallel start_remote_prog command enhancement high testsuite
#1201 IZ260: Need test for 2784 enhancement lowest testsuite
#1202 IZ261: jsv_* tests might fail in 6.2 defect high testsuite
#1203 IZ262: Read passwords from a file enhancement normal testsuite
#1204 IZ263: Add "leave test immediately" item to Ctrl-C menu enhancement normal testsuite
#1205 IZ264: path_alias test is not working! defect high testsuite
#1206 IZ265: Need path information for host specific tools enhancement high testsuite
#1207 IZ266: We need to extend test issue_554 task high testsuite
#1208 IZ267: testsuite issues list test defect normal testsuite
#1209 IZ268: user_permissions test checks qmaster_spooldir in a wrong way defect normal testsuite
#1210 IZ269: when a Windows host is added to an already set up cluster, testsuite doesn't ask for the Windows users passwords defect normal testsuite
#1211 IZ270: Need additional tests for general purpose SLOs task normal testsuite
#1212 IZ271: backup_restore test should check if backup file exists after backup and exit immediately if not defect low testsuite
#1213 IZ272: Need hooks for every phase of a test lifecycle defect high testsuite
#1214 IZ273: jgdi shell test is broken defect normal testsuite
#1215 IZ274: Hedeby test for issue 554 fails sporadically defect high testsuite
#1216 IZ275: Need test suite module for CR6288964/IZ2881 task normal testsuite
#1217 IZ276: building linux 24 binaries for distribution testing enhancement normal testsuite
#1218 IZ277: Need test for CR6793687/IZ2886 task normal testsuite
#1219 IZ278: Need test for gridengine issue 2897 task high testsuite
#1220 IZ279: Need test for issue 2895 defect high testsuite
#1221 IZ280: Testsuite test for hedeby issue 613 task normal testsuite
#1222 IZ281: test for issue 524 regularily fails defect normal testsuite
#1223 IZ282: test for issue 2419 very often has timing problems defect normal testsuite
#1224 IZ283: test for issue 1803 compares pathes wrongly defect normal testsuite
#1225 IZ284: backup_restore test doesn't use gzip from testsuite configuration defect normal testsuite
#1226 IZ285: test for issue 2743 seems to have timing issues defect normal testsuite
#1227 IZ286: smf test fails when no BDB server host or no ARCO is configured - should return unsupported defect normal testsuite
#1228 IZ287: Extend Java DRMAA JUnit tests to cover native spec "" and Session.exit() before init() task normal testsuite
#1229 IZ288: need test for issue 505 task high testsuite
#1230 IZ289: JGDI junit_tests broken defect normal testsuite
#1231 IZ290: Fix issue 1330 test defect normal testsuite
#1232 IZ291: in automatic installation mode the install_core_system test doesn't register user passwords with sgepasswd defect high testsuite
#1233 IZ292: Need test for issue 860 (2881) task normal testsuite
#1234 IZ293: Need test suite module for IZ2950/CR6244911 task normal testsuite
#1235 IZ294: Many of the qstat xml tests are broken defect normal testsuite
#1236 IZ295: enhance testsuite configuration verification for classic spooling enhancement normal testsuite
#1237 IZ296: want to have distinst for test binaries enhancement high testsuite
#1238 IZ297: throughput test waits infinetely defect normal testsuite
#1239 IZ298: add addition test for qhost to cover IZ 3026 enhancement normal testsuite
#1240 IZ299: Running testsuite on a different host from the qmaster host enhancement high testsuite
#1241 IZ300: Need test for qalter -w p <jobid> enhancement normal testsuite
#1242 IZ301: unsupported test in simple install mode task normal testsuite
#1243 IZ302: Unexpected password question causes buffer overflow in expect defect high testsuite
#1244 IZ303: Need test suite module for IZ 3068 task normal testsuite
#1245 IZ304: Need test for IZ3081,3082,3083,3084 task normal testsuite
#1246 IZ305: Need test for CR6855413/IZ3085 task normal testsuite
#1247 IZ306: Cleanup/Remove current JGDI testsuite framework and/or tests task normal testsuite
#1248 IZ307: appcert test report errors/warnings defect high testsuite
#1249 IZ308: Need syntax check for add_rqs and mod_rqs enhancement high testsuite
#1250 IZ309: Need test suite module for CR6873140/IZ3113 task normal testsuite
#1251 IZ310: add option to run 32bit binaries on 64bit platform enhancement normal testsuite
#1252 IZ311: Missing TS test for sdmadm uninstall_host command defect high testsuite
#1253 IZ312: set_config_and_propagate not working if execd has no local spooldir configured defect high testsuite
#1254 IZ313: issue_1161 test fails defect normal testsuite
#1255 IZ314: Need information if host is virtual or not in host config enhancement normal testsuite
#1256 IZ315: Need host lock framework defect high testsuite
#1257 IZ316: Severe-error mails should also contain the arco configuration enhancement normal testsuite
#1258 IZ317: Need test for forbidden "subordinate_list" configurations in queue config enhancement normal testsuite
#1259 IZ318: Need test for CR 6894171 - corrupted spooling BDB enhancement normal testsuite
#1260 IZ319: Need test for IZ 3204 task normal testsuite
#1261 IZ320: Testsuite should check remove not needed service_tag informations on SMF hosts task normal testsuite
#1262 IZ321: shutdown and cleanup (uninstall) option needed in TS menu task high testsuite
#1263 IZ322: Implement several test scenarios for slotwise preemption tests enhancement normal testsuite
#1264 IZ323: need TS test for Hadop integration enhancement low testsuite
#1268 IZ3284: Subordinated suspended queues can't be "suspended" or "unsuspended" defect normal sge
#1269 IZ3285: Qmon doesn't follow GUI style for RQS definition enhancement normal sge
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