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#270 IZ1759: scheduler ignores load_thresholds with pe jobs defect normal sge
#273 IZ1790: shepherd does not wait for terminate_method to complete defect normal sge
#274 IZ1791: accounting exec node is incorrectly filled in with inf defect low sge
#275 IZ1797: Load sensors from script don't work with "-w e" defect normal sge
#277 IZ1808: usage_scaling for cluster queues enhancement normal sge
#278 IZ1824: strange job structure parsing defect normal sge
#279 IZ1827: qconf -mq <name> wrongly modifies the queue <name> defect low sge
#280 IZ1829: invalid load values in reporting file defect low sge
#281 IZ1830: Spool directory missing contents defect normal sge
#282 IZ1836: qmaster packs two sigkill in one packbuffer for one job defect normal sge
#284 IZ1843: qconf -cq should be renamed defect normal sge
#285 IZ1849: Quote parser allows unmatched quotes defect low sge
#286 IZ1851: Quotes rules need to be made explicit defect normal sge
#287 IZ1853: maxujobs in sched_conf(5) can break resource reservation and backfilling defect normal sge
#288 IZ1855: flush_time=0:0:0 is treated as 0:0:15 defect lowest sge
#290 IZ1863: global host config reporting_params: flush_time=00:00:00 should disable buffering enhancement normal sge
#291 IZ1864: meaning of 00:00:00 should be unified among flush_time, accounting_flush_time, and sharelog enhancement low sge
#292 IZ1865: qconf accepts and stores invalid time format defect lowest sge
#296 IZ1888: qconf -mc allows duplicate shortcuts defect low sge
#297 IZ1893: endpoint not unique message should be created after connection test defect normal sge
#299 IZ1896: Cleanup of daemons/sheperd/sge_fileio.c/.h task normal sge
#300 IZ1902: insufficient handling of job errors with large array jobs causes huge numbers of mails be sent defect low sge
#301 IZ1903: drmaa_synchronize() should work with jobs from outside the current session enhancement normal sge
#302 IZ1906: invalid mailer/qlogin/rsh/rlogin configuration does not result in error state of queue instances defect low sge
#304 IZ1915: Binary job submitted with wrong path to binary doesn't go into error state defect low sge
#305 IZ1918: default_duration is wrongly assumed as job runtime even if queue_conf(5) s_rt/h_rt rlimit is smaller defect low sge
#306 IZ1919: inst_sge -ux fails if host does not belong to any queues but it belongs to a HostGroup. defect low sge
#307 IZ1926: no info messages in execd messages file defect normal sge
#308 IZ1929: shepherd trace file doesn't contain all trace information defect normal sge
#309 IZ1932: enabled detailed job profiling upon request feature normal sge
#310 IZ1937: suborinated queue will not be suspended in special cases defect high sge
#311 IZ1938: qstat should display jobs on hung/halted machines as unknown istead of runnning enhancement low sge
#312 IZ1939: qmaster -help requires that admin user exits defect lowest sge
#313 IZ1948: qrsh man page doesn't explain which options don't work with interactive jobs defect normal sge
#315 IZ1951: waiting for jobs which never ran will produce a resource usage error defect normal sge
#316 IZ1952: cluster-hosts like cluster-queues for easy exec host management enhancement normal sge
#317 IZ1953: enhance version checking of components enhancement normal sge
#318 IZ1954: Apply job priorities to cluster queues enhancement low sge
#319 IZ1960: h_cpu not working for Tight Integrated jobs defect normal sge
#320 IZ1961: Slide bars in "Ratio between Sort of functional tickets" panel do not keep the values inserted by the user defect normal sge
#322 IZ1964: qdel failes to delete processes that spawn a new process group with interactive jobs defect normal sge
#324 IZ1966: qconf -Mattr reports too many error lines defect low sge
#326 IZ1968: qconf reports too many error lines defect low sge
#328 IZ1973: consider support for running a script with an embedded -t option enhancement low sge
#329 IZ1975: qconf -Msconf reports too many error lines defect low sge
#331 IZ1979: Option needed to start a job immediately, regardless resource restrictions (run now at this machine) enhancement normal sge
#332 IZ1982: qconf -Mq reports too many error lines defect low sge
#333 IZ1983: qconf -Mu reports too many error lines defect low sge
#334 IZ1984: an execd can always kill another execd as admin defect normal sge
#336 IZ1989: qsub -now y incorrectly submits to Interactive Queue enhancement normal sge
#337 IZ1992: Enable slots to be used as -l enhancement normal sge
#338 IZ2002: Queue request -l from sge_request can't be overridden through command line defect normal sge
#339 IZ2014: Matlab jobs don't finish defect normal sge
#341 IZ2027: qmon crashes on lx24-ia64 defect normal sge
#342 IZ2031: shadow master fails to take over if scheduler dies defect normal sge
#343 IZ2033: Possible memory leak with libdrmaa defect normal sge
#345 IZ2036: Need two types of "disabled" enhancement normal sge
#346 IZ2037: Checkpointing: No checkpoint created for suspend defect normal sge
#347 IZ2038: Checkpointing: Name of application level procedures in checkpointing definition defect normal sge
#349 IZ2040: Checkpointing: status of rescheduled jobs is Rq, more logical is Rw enhancement normal sge
#352 IZ2043: Checkpointing: Automatic creation of checkpointing directory for each job enhancement normal sge
#354 IZ2045: Checkpointing: condition "s" not working as expected defect normal sge
#355 IZ2047: potential qmaster sec. fault. (resurfaced) defect normal sge
#363 IZ2068: checkpointing jobs will be rescheduled forever defect normal sge
#366 IZ2072: qstat -urg and qstat -f -urg have inconsistent jobs listing defect low sge
#368 IZ2074: soft requests for forced resources don't count defect normal sge
#372 IZ2078: Add scheduling and execution timeout for interactive and batch jobs enhancement high sge
#374 IZ2087: No user setting for custom default_duration, i.e. not enforced h_rt/s_rt enhancement normal sge
#375 IZ2096: NoResourceUsageException for deleted pending jobs defect normal sge
#376 IZ2098: Qmon: Qalter changes job working dir when job was submitted using qsub -cwd defect normal sge
#377 IZ2099: install procedure should propose IANA registered port numbers for sge_qmaster and sge_execd enhancement normal sge
#380 IZ2109: sgemaster commlib error, can't connect to service with data in /sgeroot/default/spool/qmaster/jobs/00 defect normal sge
#382 IZ2113: qselect not useful if forced variables are used enhancement normal sge
#385 IZ2123: Change sge_strdup() arguments enhancement normal sge
#386 IZ2124: sge_passwd code needs a cleanup defect high sge
#388 IZ2140: queue h_rt/s_rt not taken into account for running job duration when doing reservations defect normal sge
#390 IZ2147: New who-clause: jobs enhancement normal sge
#391 IZ2148: New what clause: range of values (a,b) or (a,b,c) enhancement normal sge
#392 IZ2155: no useful error message from qsh when X permissions are missing defect low sge
#393 IZ2163: qstat user selection does not work with unix groups defect normal sge
#394 IZ2165: job modifications with qalter are not reflected in the ARCo database defect low arco
#397 IZ2176: qconf -shgrp "*" option missing enhancement low sge
#398 IZ2177: qconf -se "*" option missing enhancement low sge
#399 IZ2179: Qconf parser doesn't handle inline comments defect low sge
#400 IZ2184: Job status report feature normal sge
#401 IZ2186: job requests unknown resource defect normal sge
#402 IZ2190: Java DRMAA needs LD_LIBRARY_PATH be set manually defect normal sge
#404 IZ2193: Need more detailed built-in load values load sensors for operating system selection enhancement normal sge
#406 IZ2199: all queue instances were used without reason defect low sge
#407 IZ2203: qsub/qrsh shall reject relative pathes with -b y if they can not resolve them with PATH defect normal sge
#409 IZ2209: more than one -b not always accepted defect normal sge
#410 IZ2210: use of build-in complex calendar should be prohibited defect low sge
#412 IZ2213: Tight PVM integration does not work defect normal sge
#413 IZ2214: Deprecated variables CQ_processors, QU_processors not used in code task low sge
#415 IZ2218: Add new option -name to uidgid binary to return username enhancement low sge
#416 IZ2223: Tightly integrated interactive parallel job killed when a task fails defect normal sge
#417 IZ2225: Need test to verify category string is correctly created enhancement normal sge
#418 IZ2226: Testsuite needs relevant performance test for scheduler dispatch times with resource quotas enhancement normal sge
#419 IZ2228: Installation fails on extra-secure servers defect normal sge
#420 IZ2235: Username label in Simple Query is confusing defect lowest arco
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