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#465 IZ2388: Job specifics including scripts should be archived for better administration/debugging/tracking. enhancement normal sge
#469 IZ2398: scheduler internal host caching does not regard short hostnames vs. fqdn hostname defect normal sge
#470 IZ2399: Add a qprobe command. enhancement normal sge
#471 IZ2402: need way to coschedule jobs that share data enhancement normal sge
#472 IZ2403: qmaster becomes unresponsive after drmaa_control release call defect normal sge
#473 IZ2412: Flatfile QI directory deletion occurs outside of spooling framework defect normal sge
#475 IZ2423: Why button doesn't say why defect normal sge
#477 IZ2431: need a flag to disable connection timeout in commlib enhancement normal sge
#479 IZ2454: qmod lacks means to select jobs by user feature normal sge
#480 IZ2456: have hostname in qmaster/schedd pid files enhancement normal sge
#481 IZ2462: changes to qconf/qmon for supporting CVS or change configuration management feature normal sge
#484 IZ2473: qselect should be able to negate queries enhancement normal sge
#485 IZ2474: event master should allow all job related events be selected based on common job attributes enhancement normal sge
#487 IZ2488: Checkpoint cleanup after qdel of pending job enhancement normal sge
#488 IZ2489: Wildcard operations should not fail - warn & continue enhancement normal sge
#493 IZ2511: Scheduler does not look ahead wrts calendar with disabled resource reservation defect normal sge
#494 IZ2512: qstat returns invalid XML (invalid encoding) defect normal sge
#497 IZ2534: qquota output garbeld, important data missing defect normal sge
#498 IZ2537: sge_sheperd waits forever at job start when automountd hangs enhancement normal sge
#499 IZ2538: Using RQS makes scheduling by seqno to disregard some nodes defect normal sge
#500 IZ2539: reprioritize disappears after sge_qmaster restart defect normal sge
#501 IZ2540: qmaster failover should not change the state of any queue defect normal sge
#502 IZ2541: missing admin user produces no error message defect normal sge
#505 IZ2547: qconf -mq parsing problem in queue override value defect normal sge
#506 IZ2550: qrsh does not work with ssh in RHEL5 defect normal sge
#509 IZ2554: qstat should have a header showing the range of listed jobs enhancement normal sge
#511 IZ2557: Job reports need no per task information if supressing of individual accounting records is enabled enhancement normal sge
#512 IZ2558: need the ability to modify advance reservations enhancement normal sge
#513 IZ2559: need the ability to filter jobs in qstat by AR enhancement normal sge
#514 IZ2560: need a separate configuration parameter to control the job report interval separate from the load report interval enhancement normal sge
#515 IZ2561: need predefined multi-cluster query enhancement normal arco
#516 IZ2562: ARCo should give the option to automatically install a database enhancement normal arco
#517 IZ2570: shepherd dies after a sge_execd restart defect normal sge
#518 IZ2576: repeated queue instance error reasons accumulate in qstat -j <jobid> output defect normal sge
#519 IZ2581: DRMAA event client stops after qmaster restart defect normal sge
#522 IZ2592: RQS for unix usergroups broken defect normal sge
#524 IZ2603: qsub option -q breaks -masterq defect normal sge
#527 IZ2613: qconf -kej does not wait for job termination before killing execd defect normal sge
#528 IZ2614: Credential to limit access to qmaster by self compiled qsub/qstat/... enhancement normal sge
#531 IZ2627: resource quota tester enhancement normal sge
#533 IZ2631: qhost should support host groups enhancement normal sge
#534 IZ2632: add support for dynamic host groups enhancement normal sge
#537 IZ2636: Execution hosts enter Error state: admin_user does not exist defect normal sge
#539 IZ2638: advance reserations should support project based access lists enhancement normal sge
#540 IZ2639: Advance Reservation should be able to handle host outages enhancement normal sge
#544 IZ2651: delete PE requested with wildcards enhancement normal sge
#545 IZ2654: add yet uncovered resoure limits to queue limits defect normal sge
#547 IZ2657: install_execd failes with denied: "sgeadmin" must be manager for this operation doing local configuration defect normal sge
#549 IZ2665: targeted resource share (usage) is always zero defect normal sge
#550 IZ2666: resource quota sets should support "all but" limits enhancement normal sge
#551 IZ2667: need blackhole detection, e.g. EXIT_RATE defect normal sge
#553 IZ2670: installation should offer the IANA port numbers as the default enhancement normal sge
#555 IZ2673: shadow daemon failover does not reenable qmaster in SMF enhancement normal sge
#559 IZ2689: '-notify' does NOT work with binary jobs ('-b y') defect normal sge
#563 IZ2699: SGE services should only start when started by root or admin user defect normal sge
#564 IZ2702: qsub incorrectly reports that job could not be submitted defect normal sge
#567 IZ2711: Jobs should be able to relinquish requested resources before completion enhancement normal sge
#568 IZ2714: PVM start/stop scripts failure should not put queue in Error state defect normal sge
#573 IZ2725: invalid exit code if host is removed from admin host list during installation defect normal sge
#575 IZ2733: execd install hangs when SGE_ROOT is a read only NFS mount enhancement normal sge
#576 IZ2739: No way to remove a -notify flag, once it was set feature normal sge
#578 IZ2748: Jobs with no suitable queues at all should be easier detect feature normal sge
#579 IZ2749: Different sections in sge_request for each jobtype feature normal sge
#583 IZ2761: Jobs not scheduled because of "-l NONE" defect normal sge
#584 IZ2763: Short complex names are not expanded/honored for thresholds defect normal sge
#585 IZ2764: Add ability to limit number of queued jobs per user enhancement normal sge
#589 IZ2768: man sge_resource_quota should clarify limit/consumable use defect normal sge
#590 IZ2774: aimk clean does not delete all files on some architectures enhancement normal sge
#594 IZ2783: Enhance shutdown behaviour of new IJS when client is stopped with CTRL + C or killed with SIGKILL defect normal sge
#597 IZ2792: qhost -hs {a|u} to select hosts in the specified state enhancement normal sge
#599 IZ2802: Classic spooling operations for sequential jobs could be more efficient defect normal sge
#603 IZ2810: test in init script sgeexecd is inadquate defect normal sge
#604 IZ2811: run update only to a user-defined list of hosts enhancement normal sge
#605 IZ2812: qhost -F and qstat -F should show reserved resources for a running AR enhancement normal sge
#606 IZ2813: DRMAA_PLACEHOLDER_HD as working directory causes the job to fail defect normal sge
#607 IZ2814: Removing a job causes DRMAA to behave in a non-compliant way defect normal sge
#608 IZ2818: DRMAA jobs should be able to find out their session enhancement normal sge
#609 IZ2819: PE int allocation rule should work with non-multiples enhancement normal sge
#612 IZ2834: qsh jobs are not scheduled defect normal sge
#613 IZ2838: enforce limit option might fail when execd for a slave or master parallel task is restarted defect normal sge
#619 IZ2866: JAPI/DRMAA should provide a function to retrieve the job list enhancement normal sge
#620 IZ2870: daemons should support use of IPv6 enhancement normal sge
#623 IZ2880: error building with -shared-libs on Linux(SL/RHEL) 5.2 defect normal sge
#627 IZ2894: SGE 6.2u2 Beta execd install failed on Windows 2008 server defect normal sge
#631 IZ2905: arco junit test can only be build if CLASSPATH is set in users environment defect normal arco
#636 IZ2914: classic spooling method (flatfile spooling) should be more error tolerant defect normal sge
#637 IZ2916: qrsh large memory consumption in IA64 defect normal sge
#639 IZ2921: qmaster must support host renaming in a consistent way enhancement normal sge
#642 IZ2935: Repeating jobs like in cron enhancement normal sge
#643 IZ2936: bad error message when rsh_command config of submit host doesn't fit rsh_daemon config of exec host defect normal sge
#644 IZ2937: signal handler calling not signal save functions enhancement normal sge
#645 IZ2941: Installing BDB server always fails with a timeout state on non-solaris systems defect normal sge
#647 IZ2943: Job groups for easier handling of jobs which belong together feature normal sge
#648 IZ2951: Name of -e/-o $TASK_ID differs from SGE_TASK_ID in environment defect normal sge
#649 IZ2955: session.init contact should consider sge_root and sge_cell key values for drmaa_init defect normal sge
#651 IZ2959: missing testsuite test for issue 2957 enhancement normal sge
#652 IZ2965: sge_peopen should be removed defect normal sge
#657 IZ2982: error writing object to spooling database defect normal sge
#659 IZ2985: uniformly distributed hostlist for exclusive jobs enhancement normal sge
#664 IZ3003: on OpenSolaris, qmon crashes after the splash screen defect normal sge
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