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IZ60: Testsuite menu items 5 and 6 (displaying check information) are broken

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Component: testsuite Version: current
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        Issue #:      60              Platform:     All           Reporter: joga (joga)
       Component:     testsuite          OS:        All
     Subcomponent:    framework       Version:      current          CC:    None defined
        Status:       RESOLVED        Priority:     P3
      Resolution:     FIXED          Issue type:    DEFECT
                                  Target milestone: milestone 1
      Assigned to:    issues@testsuite
      QA Contact:     mpospisil
       * Summary:     Testsuite menu items 5 and 6 (displaying check information) are broken
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   Opened: Mon Nov 20 01:25:00 -0700 2006 

This was IZ 1682 in project gridengine.

The menu items 5 and 6 should display detailed information about sucessfully run
resp. not yet run checks in a certain branch of checktree.

When these menu items are called, they show the following misbehaviour:
- They do not show checks of the current (sub)branch of checktree, but seem to
try to display information of all branches (which is by far too much and
requires the user press enter after display of information of each individual
check - there are some 70 at the moment).
- Menu item 5 only shows information about the install_core_system check and
then fails to display further information.

   ------- Additional comments from mpospisil Mon Nov 26 07:29:06 -0700 2007 -------
Options 5 and 6 from the main menu should first check the currect sub diretory
and display only reports from the corresponding test.

   ------- Additional comments from mpospisil Wed Dec 5 08:25:58 -0700 2007 -------

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