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IZ73: testsuite doesn't build drmaa.jar

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Component: testsuite Version: current
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        Issue #:      73              Platform:     All           Reporter: joga (joga)
       Component:     testsuite          OS:        All
     Subcomponent:    framework       Version:      current          CC:    None defined
        Status:       RESOLVED        Priority:     P3
      Resolution:     FIXED          Issue type:    DEFECT
                                  Target milestone: milestone 1
      Assigned to:    joga (joga)
      QA Contact:     joga
       * Summary:     testsuite doesn't build drmaa.jar
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   Opened: Tue Nov 21 02:10:00 -0700 2006 

This was IZ 1796 in project gridengine.

Testsuite should build the java drmaa binding.
This is done by calling aimk with the option -java.

-java is switched off by default, which makes sense, as building the java code
is architecture independent and would fail in parallel builds on multiple platforms.

We either have to add the property "java_compile_host" to the testsuite host
configuration, and spawn aimk -only-java on this host for every build.

Or we use one of the hosts that are anyways part of the build.
In this case we would have to determine which of the compile hosts would be best
suited (JDK version), and add "-java" to the aimk call on this host.

------- Additional comments from templedf Thu Oct 27 06:19:52 -0800 2005 -------

Good point.  I would vote for having one host assigned as the Java compile host.
 It should be Solaris/SPARC, in my opinion, and it should use J2SE 1.4.

   ------- Additional comments from joga Tue Nov 21 02:12:14 -0700 2006 -------
In Gridengine maintrunk, aimk -java does build all java code (drmaa, juti, jgdi).

   ------- Additional comments from joga Tue Nov 21 02:14:32 -0700 2006 -------
Working on it.

We'll make building the java code default for aimk in maintrunk.
aimk already takes care of parallel builds.

Testsuite already has a configuration option "java_compile_host".

Modifying testsuite to create the required for
parallel builds, improving the testsuite build logging to recognize java build
and waiting for java host to finish.

   ------- Additional comments from joga Fri Dec 1 02:18:49 -0700 2006 -------
Building libdrmaa.jar for SGE 6.0:
- always add the java compile host to the compile host list
- call aimk with the -java option on the java compile host

   ------- Additional comments from joga Fri Dec 1 03:37:20 -0700 2006 -------

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