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IZ156: create testsuite test for intermediate accounting records

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       * Summary:     create testsuite test for intermediate accounting records
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   Opened: Wed Oct 31 04:39:00 -0700 2007 

For long running jobs (over midnight), qmaster is writing intermediate
accounting records containing the usage consumed during the last day.

The sum of all accounting records is the full job accounting.

We need a testsuite test for this feature.
It should be implemented in the arco checktree.

As waiting for intermediate records being written only at midnight would make
the test too long running, we have to instrument sge_qmaster.
Currently there is code (a #if 1 and a #if 0) in
daemons/qmaster/sge_reporting_qmaster.c which, if changed, makes qmaster write
an accounting record every hour. This code should be changed to
- write the accounting record even more often, e.g. once a minute
- this behavior should be switched on by an environment variable

The test has to check:
- start_time of intermediate records must be either the job start_time (for the
first record), or the endtime of a previous intermediate record.
- correctness the accounting information for cpu, mem, io, iow: The sum over all
records must match the accounting provided by qacct for the job.
- exit_status for intermediate records must be -1
- the query for jobs completed must report the correct number of jobs, not count
jobs multiple times, and not count still running jobs
- ...

When switching on global config, execd_params, SHARETREE_RESERVED_USAGE and
ACCT_RESERVED_USAGE, we get some usefull values for cpu,
when in addition at job submission we specify -l h_vmem=100M, we also get values
for mem, even when using sleeper jobs.

   ------- Additional comments from joga Wed Nov 21 03:42:46 -0700 2007 -------
I take this IZ.

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