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#1321 new feature

$ARC set by start of execd instead of hardcoded into the binary

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Component: sge Version: 6.2u5
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The actual implementation uses a compiled in value $ARC for accessing the correct binaries in the SGE directory structure, and also output it in qhost as ARCH which can be requested in a qsub command. To allow a more flexible setup, the internal $ARC can stay like it is to access the platform specific architecture. But the one output in qhost and requestable can be derived from some kind of load-sensor, which will be executed one time at startup of the execd. This will not only allow to distinguish between lx24-amd64 (AMD) and lx24-em64t (Intel), but could be any string. With a proper definition it can behave like the selection of a PE by wildcard *: -l arch=*64*ib could mean any 64 bit node with IB, when the load sensor output the architecture in such a style.

Related/followup to issue #1299.

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by Reuti

To clarify: internal $ARC is meant how to access SGE’s binaries, the $ARC in the jobscript should reflect the set value of the load sensor.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by dlove

It makes sense to use the ARC value at startup, but I'm not sure what would be more appropriate
generally, e.g. adding "ib". There's an example of a load sensor for arch in flex-grid
We could add an example to the load sensor howto, and maybe an example file in the distribution.

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