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Custom suspend/terminate methods should allow custom warnings for `qsub -notify`

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Component: sge Version: 8.0.0a
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Jobs submitted with qsub -notify will get a warning before the actual action will be taken in case of a suspend or kill of the job. The signals usr1 resp. usr2 used for this can be redefined on a global basis in SGE's configuration.

If it’s not appropriate for a queue to deliver warnings, the notify time can be set to 0, which will switch off the warnings for jobs running therein (using a JSV to remove the -notify is not working, as at submission time one can’t know in which queue they end up beforehand).

In case one uses the default or custom signals for suspend and kill, it can still be accepted to get the defined global signals as warning (i.e. entries NONE or a signal name in suspend_method / terminate_method in the queue definition). But if a script is defined (i.e. an entry starts with a / in the queue definition), the sent signal can be bothersome. Instead, also for the warnings the custom defined scripts should be called. By a set environment variable like SGE_NOTIFY=TRUE/FALSE the scripts could this way decide whether they should send only a warning or take action.

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