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check list of OGE fixes

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Component: sge Version: 8.0.0c
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The following from the list of OGE 6.2u6 fixes don't (clearly)
correspond to fixes we have or existing issues. Investigate and make
issues as appropriate, though some are probably too vague to be useful.

-    6690798 BDB server uninstallation does not work correctly 
-    6855837 qmod -rj should reschedule a job only when run with root/sgeadmin privileges 
-    6874076 speed up scheduler times for multiple large reservations requesting identical resources 
-    6902958 intermittendly, interactive jobs die 
-    6916648 h_vmem JOB consumable fails only in the IBM platform 
-    6921115 qconf segfaults on bad subordination string 
-    6934109 high cpu load of qrsh -inherit when using builtin interactive job support 
-    6941569 ENABLE_RESCHEDULE_SLAVE=1 causes also other jobs to be rescheduled 
-    6941838 qmon has segmentation fault when submitting a job with a jsv url 
-    6946781 gui-installer: NPE is thrown after "Browse" button is pressed 
-    6947548 AR handling is wrong in interaction with parallel environments 
-    6949505 jobs get not killed when attached adavance reservations expire 
-    6951469 rerun of a parallel job when execd and job dies is not triggered 
-    6952525 execd sends signals to shepherd pid even if shepherd is no longer running 
-    6904099 qmaster crashes with the error message in cqueue_list_locate_qinstance 
-    6945450 new slotwise subordination (preemption) disabled state needs to be reflected in man pages 
-    6953013 slotwise preemption does not take amount of slots of pe tasks into account when unsuspend/suspend 
-    6932534 slotwise suspend on subordinate with parallel jobs does not signal newly started parallel jobs 
-    6945793 slotwise preemption / slotwise subordination scheduler threshold is ignored for parallel jobs 
-    6910082 make new interactive job support not use threads 
-    6934948 java DRMAA Error: Can't send response for this message id - protocol error 
-    6935186 pe_min value is not correct in JSV if multiple slots ranges are requested 
-    6743005 SMF - qmaster service should be used on failover back to qmaster host 
-    6862147 scheduler "categories" should use normalized values for "memory" resource requests 
-    6874648 On Windows Vista Enterprise, sgeexecd can fail to start up at boot time 
-    6921362 slotwise subordination allows jobs to be scheduled to a "suspended" queue 
-    6942107 unexpected default masterq with alloc_rule=$fill_up in some cases 
-    6944132 gui-installer: can not add list of ip addresses to the table 
-    6944216 shadowd SMF service fails to start qmaster on reboot 
-    6945468 on Windows hosts reporting their full qualified hostname, certificates got wrong names 
-    6946262 Saving incorrect complex value on host level leads to qmaster segmentation fault 
-    6948008 if spool directory already exists, installation fails to detect that it is on a local drive 
-    6951479 old execution daemon tries to communicate with new qmaster each second 
-    6951505 using old client binaries on a new qmaster does not lead to abortion 
-    6952957 insufficient user name parameter checking for Certificate Authority related commands in juti lib 
-    6953633 is_alive() check always returns CL_RETVAL_OK, even if component is not running 
-    6954671 on Windows Vista, the 2nd fork of the daemonizing execd sometimes fails at boot time 
-    6955445 Requesting any memory limit for a job on linux doesn't work 
-    6956905 on csh, %CTRL-Z doesn't properly suspend the "qrsh -pty yes <command>" client 
-    6958504 qrsh <command> with prolog and epilog configured may fail with invalid stdin/out/err path 
3132 6883606 when using options "-w e" with qsub, job fails to run when exclusive scheduling is configured [iz3132 here seems to be different]

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