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Requested project only rejected/test at submission time.

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Component: sge Version: 8.0.0d
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At the time a job is submitted by using -P to specify a project name, it will be tested whether the user is allowed to submit jobs for this project. If the user is later on removed from this project, but before the submitted job is being scheduled, it will still be scheduled under this project name.

This effect hits also the behavior of the option -w n to qsub. It’s not possible to submit a job under a project to which you have no access right now, but you could be added later on. With -w e it could still be prevented if undesirable (like for queues right now, to which you have no access).

It would be more consistent, if the behavior would be like for any other resource request: you can e.g. submit jobs to queues to which you have no access right now, and when you are granted access to them later on the jobs will be scheduled thereto. So it should be possible to submit jobs to projects to which you have no access right now, but maybe get access later.

For now even with -w n it can’t be achieved

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