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qrsub has no "-P" option

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Component: sge Version: 8.1.1
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I'd like to limit use of a queue by what _project_ a job is submitted under. This means setting the 'projects' attribute of a queue instead of the more common

Attempting to execute jobs on the queue has the expected behaviour.

However, once done, I find that I can no longer create advance reservations on resources in that queue. Adding '-w v' reveals the message:

Your job (no project) does not have the correct project to run in queue "..."

There is no argument to qrsub to set the project.

I have attempted setting the default_project of the user executing qrsub, but that does not alter the error.


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comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by markdixon

I've been looking at this and not sure what the expected behaviour would be.

Is it one of these?

1) Reservations created with '-P' result in jobs submitted to it inheriting the reservation's project (similar to hard/soft resource requests).

2) Reservations created with '-P' prevent jobs not belonging to the project(s) from being submitted to the reservation (similar to a user access list).

I've made progress with (2).


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