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Multiple qrsh's to the same slave node from same job cause cgroup problems

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Component: sge Version: 8.1.5
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I'm running 8.1.5 plus some local patches to help make the cgroup functionality work (c.f. #1477, #1480, #1483, #1490 I think). Hopefully that won't make this report irrelevant.

We have users with jobs that call openmpi's mpirun several times in a row. We find that subsequent calls fail unless we put a short (1 second) sleep between them.

I presume that cgroup create/cleanup code is being called out of order here. I've not really done any debugging, but I couldn't reproduce it with a simple script with a number of sequential qrsh's in it:- I wonder if mpirun returns to the shell while it's still cleaning up qrsh's.


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