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#1518 new enhancement

Option to overwrite files supplied by -o & -e

Reported by: hepcat72 Owned by:
Priority: low Milestone:
Component: sge Version: 8.1.3
Severity: minor Keywords: standard out error


I just noticed that when you use -o and -e to set the standard output file names, those files are open in append mode.

If it's not already a part of versions past my version of 8.1.3, I'd like to request an enhancement: please provide an option to overwrite any existing standard out and standard error files supplied with -o or -e.

The reason for this is that I assess whether a job had any problems by grepping for errors. If there's an error, I resubmit each job that had an error. However, since the files are open in append mode, those errors remain in the file.


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