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Clarification on how SGE cpu is calculated in the accounting

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Component: sge Version: 8.1.9
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Hi there,

I could do with some clarification on how SGE is calculating the cpu variable for completed jobs.

This is in the pages currently as:

The CPU time usage in seconds. The value may be affected by the
ACCT_RESERVED_USAGE execd parameter

Could this be clarified on the methodology that this is calculated with? I can see large differences in some jobs between the cpu seconds and the effective CPU reserved time calculated from slots*ru_wallclock.

Is this variable calculated from the actual core utilization? If so, what is included?

(I assume it is factoring multiple cores but is IOwait included, is it just user?)

This might be useful for diagnosing jobs being memory bound etc... sending users notifications from logging solutions like Splunk etc...

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