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IZ1100: Run time parameter for turning off data collection

Reported by: svdavidson Owned by:
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Component: sge Version: 6.0
Severity: Keywords: execution


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        Issue #:      1100             Platform:     All           Reporter: svdavidson (svdavidson)
       Component:     gridengine          OS:        All
     Subcomponent:    execution        Version:      6.0              CC:    None defined
        Status:       STARTED          Priority:     P3
      Resolution:                     Issue type:    ENHANCEMENT
                                   Target milestone: 6.1
      Assigned to:    ron (ron)
      QA Contact:     pollinger
       * Summary:     Run time parameter for turning off data collection
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   Opened: Thu Jun 17 07:17:00 -0700 2004 

Synopsys has requested an enhancement to allow
data collection to be turned off for an execution
host. The specific feature they would like to
disable is the use of the supplemental group ID.

   ------- Additional comments from ron Wed Sep 7 15:31:40 -0700 2005 -------
Shannon, does Synopsys still want this feature?

   ------- Additional comments from svdavidson Thu Sep 8 09:37:02 -0700 2005 -------
Ron, I checked and this is no longer a critical issue.

   ------- Additional comments from ron Fri Sep 9 05:21:12 -0700 2005 -------
With the add group ID turned off, we will use SID/process group ID to track
process/job relationships.

   ------- Additional comments from ron Wed Sep 14 00:15:36 -0700 2005 -------

   ------- Additional comments from andreas Wed Sep 14 01:31:04 -0700 2005 -------
To my understanding the mail thread you refer is about turning off suppl group
ID tracking, but data collection based on sid/pgrp still would be done.

So isn't this actually a different item?

   ------- Additional comments from ron Wed Sep 14 01:35:53 -0700 2005 -------
I guess the main concern is the supplemental group ID added, data collection
(process accounting) should be a good thing to have.

May be Shannon can clarify?

   ------- Additional comments from andreas Wed Sep 14 02:20:40 -0700 2005 -------
Maybe. I think of it was merely as a solution to better handle cases such as
issue 1649. In the past we had a couple of cases when PDC-caused execd cpu load
was perceived as annoyance. This is the case in particular for users which would
be entirely happy with having waitpid()-based job finish resource usage. These
users perceive execd PDC-caused cpu workload as a waste of their compute resources.

   ------- Additional comments from svdavidson Wed Sep 14 07:21:05 -0700 2005 -------
The issue was originally written to turn off data collection and the use of the
supplemental group ID. The customer was having a severe performance problem on
an important project and to allow them to continue working I hacked in a fix
which turned off the data collection and the performance problem went away.
Later, we found that the performance problem was related to setting of the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I think that sid/pgrp data collection and the ability to turn
off data collection altogether are both good enhancements.

   ------- Additional comments from sgrell Mon Dec 12 02:47:16 -0700 2005 -------
Changed subcomponent.


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