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IZ2213: Tight PVM integration does not work

Reported by: kink Owned by:
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Component: sge Version: 6.0u10
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        Issue #:      2213             Platform:     All      Reporter: kink (kink)
       Component:     gridengine          OS:        All
     Subcomponent:    www              Version:      6.0u10      CC:    None defined
        Status:       NEW              Priority:     P3
      Resolution:                     Issue type:    DEFECT
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      Assigned to:    issues@gridengine
      QA Contact:     issues@gridengine
       * Summary:     Tight PVM integration does not work
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   Opened: Mon Mar 19 08:09:00 -0700 2007 

Using tight PVM integration fails with the following error:

[pvmd pid32440] 03/19 16:02:43 usage: pvmd3 [-ddebugmask] [-nhostname]
[pvmd pid32440] 03/19 16:02:43 pvmbailout(0)

Tight PVM integration starts the pmvd daemon with additional parameter -f which
is, dispite documented in the man page, not implemented in the source.

   ------- Additional comments from andreas Mon Mar 19 08:16:54 -0700 2007 -------
Thanks! I'm changing subcomponent and ownership.

   ------- Additional comments from reuti Wed Mar 21 07:27:11 -0700 2007 -------
In version 3.4.5 version of PVM it's available. Subroutine "slave_config" will check additonal parameters
after the main scan of the paramters removed the common ones. This results in (still pvmd.c):

                        case 'f':
                                dof = 0;

If the Tight Integration is not working in your setup, maybe we can move to the users list to look into this

   ------- Additional comments from kink Wed Mar 21 08:37:46 -0700 2007 -------
Thanks for your comment. You're of course right, sorry for not looking deep
enough into the source, but it does not work in my case and if I start pvmd
manually with 'pvmd -f hostfile' where hostfile contains two lines like


it leads to the following error:

kink: pvmd -f /tmp/hostfile
[pvmd pid29554] 03/21 16:26:48 usage: pvmd3 [-ddebugmask] [-nhostname] hostfile]
[pvmd pid29554] 03/21 16:26:48 pvmbailout(0)

which I interpret as the -f parameter is not known. Users and Xusers lists are
both empty.

   ------- Additional comments from crei Mon Nov 12 08:55:52 -0700 2007 -------
Reassign to the correct owner

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