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IZ2554: qstat should have a header showing the range of listed jobs

Reported by: reuti Owned by:
Priority: normal Milestone:
Component: sge Version: 6.1u3
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        Issue #:      2554             Platform:     All           Reporter: reuti (reuti)
       Component:     gridengine          OS:        All
     Subcomponent:    clients          Version:      6.1u3            CC:    None defined
        Status:       NEW              Priority:     P3
      Resolution:                     Issue type:    ENHANCEMENT
                                   Target milestone: ---
      Assigned to:    roland (roland)
      QA Contact:     roland
       * Summary:     qstat should have a header showing the range of listed jobs
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   Opened: Tue Apr 15 02:21:00 -0700 2008 

Often users get confused with the new behavior of "qstat" to list only own jobs. Maybe a "header" line

"Listing jobs for: *"
"Listing jobs for: andreas,chris,marc"
"Listing jobs for: reuti"

would avoid this.

   ------- Additional comments from olesen Tue Apr 15 02:33:29 -0700 2008 -------
In the xml output, which gets parsed by other programs such as xmlqstat, it
would be useful to include a 'query' section. Among other useful things, this
section could include the command-line parameters, and perhaps even the global
sge_qstat parameters in effect when the command was issued. The query time/host
can be very useful for determining how fresh or relevant a particular cached
query might be.

  <time epoch="1208251651">2008-04-15T11:27:31</time>
  <cmdLine>-u *</cmdLine>

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