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IZ578: Add GE adapter service cli command should have table output

Reported by: marcingoldyn Owned by:
Priority: low Milestone:
Component: hedeby Version: 1.0u1
Severity: Keywords: Sun cli


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        Issue #:      578          Platform:     Sun         Reporter: marcingoldyn (marcingoldyn)
       Component:     hedeby          OS:        All
     Subcomponent:    cli          Version:      1.0u1          CC:    None defined
        Status:       NEW          Priority:     P4
      Resolution:                 Issue type:    DEFECT
                               Target milestone: 1.0u5next
      Assigned to:    adoerr (adoerr)
      QA Contact:     adoerr
       * Summary:     Add GE adapter service cli command should have table output
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   Opened: Mon Sep 29 05:35:00 -0700 2008 


   Add GE adapter service cli command should have table output.


   When user will perform add GE sercvice cli command, after editing the vi screen,
   he will se in the output normal message that ge service adapter was added. We
   agree that all output messages will have a form of table output.

   Suggested Fix/Work Around:

   There is no work around for this task. The implemenntation of
   AddGEServiceCLICommand class has to be change in a way to support table output.


   The command should behave in the same way how it is done for spare pool service.
    So insead of just plain message table output has to be use to print out command
   result. To achieve that class AddGEServiceCliCommand has to extends
   AbstractSortedTableCliCommand instead of AbstractCliCommand and it should have
   it own implementation of table model class. It is very easy to implement, cause
   it all has to be done in same way as it is done in AddSparePoolCliCommand class.

   How to test:

   Using testsuite test check the output of the add ge service cli command.

   ATC 0.2 PD
   ETC 1 PD
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   Milestone changed

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