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IZ680: Introduce differentiator for autodiscovered/added and removed/destroyed resource events

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Component: hedeby Version: current
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        Issue #:      680          Platform:     Sun           Reporter: easymf (easymf)
       Component:     hedeby          OS:        All
     Subcomponent:    misc         Version:      current          CC:    None defined
        Status:       NEW          Priority:     P2
      Resolution:                 Issue type:    ENHANCEMENT
                               Target milestone: 1.0u5next
      Assigned to:    adoerr (adoerr)
      QA Contact:     adoerr
       * Summary:     Introduce differentiator for autodiscovered/added and removed/destroyed resource events
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   Opened: Mon Sep 28 09:35:00 -0700 2009 

   Fixed RFE (hit submit too soon)


   The current (28.09.09) version of SDM does not differentiate about a resource
   being autodiscovered (or bound) and added to service / being removed from
   service or destroyed in service (or unbound) at the level of events sent from
   service. In other words, there is just simple:
      * ADD_RESOURCE/RESOURCE_ADDED pair of events for resource regardless the
   resource has been autodiscovered (bound) or added (moved) to service
      * REMOVE_RESOURCE/RESOURCE_REMOVED pair of events for resource regardless the
   resource has been removed (unbound) from service

   While system is fully functional, it bring annoying consequences to monitoring
   tools like INSPECT - certain actions (like indication that resource has been
   bound or destroyed) is simply not possible without providing the information in
   the event sent by service (or SDM in general).


   High urgency because:
      * not much work
      * changes API, so it'd be great to deliver in U5
      * enhances monitoring which might be more than useful for demoing

   Suggested fix/ Work Around:

   No workaround.
   Fix (RFE) has to ensure that events resource events distinguish between resource
   added/bound/discovered to/in service resp. removed/destroyed from service.


   1. instance of ResourceRemovalDescriptor is contained as a member variable in
   RemoveResourceEvent (resp. ResourceRemovedEvent)
   2. interface ResourceAdditionDescriptor is introduced, as well as three
   subclasses: ResourceBondingDescriptor, ResourceDiscoveryDescriptor,
   3. instance of ResourceAdditionDescriptor is contained as a member variable in
   AddResourceEvent (resp. ResourceAddedEvent)

   How to test:



   3 PD

               ------- Additional comments from marcingoldyn Tue Oct 13 03:11:44 -0700 2009 -------
   We introduced those ResourceRemoveOPRs, etc. One of argument is action
   desctriptor and we can use it here. To fullfil Michals requirements we need to
   use correct descriptor(and if there is no matching create one). From the OPR you
   are firing the events. Unfortunatelly desc are not passed to the event. So Event
   classes has to be extended to be able to get additional parameter - desc. Michal
   need to distinguish between:

   - RESOURCE_ADD - by autodiscovery
   - RESOURCE_ADD - resource was assigned to the service by RP.
   we are not sure about RESOURCE_REMOVE. There are two ways how resource can be
   removed from Grid Engine. One is that resource will be taken by RP and assigned
   to other service and second that we will manually uninstall execd from resource
   and as a result resource will be removed from GE, I dont know if we want to
   distinguish between those 2.

   - RESOURCE_ADD - that resource was added from onother sevice
   - RESOURCE_ADD - resource was produced in cloud adapter
   - RESOURCE_REMOVE - resource assigned to the other service
   - RESOURCE_REMOVE - resource was destroyed in cloud adapter
               ------- Additional comments from rhierlmeier Wed Nov 25 07:21:11 -0700 2009 -------
   Milestone changed

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