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IZ5: Extend test for process limits

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        Issue #:      5               Platform:     All           Reporter: joga (joga)
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       * Summary:     Extend test for process limits
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   Opened: Wed Oct 25 07:14:00 -0700 2006 

This was IZ 11 in project gridengine.

Submit a job with 64-bit limit (e.g. qsub -l s_vmem=8G) to be executed on a
32-bit system, should result in limit "unlimited".

------- Additional comments from joga Wed Oct 2 00:34:16 -0700 2002 -------

Currently we have a limit test in qrsh (and perhaps also for qsub?).

We should create a new limit test, that tests limits with all job
types (qsub, qrsh, qrlogin, qlogin and qsh) and replaces other
currently existing limit checks.

The tests should be designed as follows:
- do tests for different limits (memory, file size, cpu, wallclock ...)
- check if the settings are in effect by calling ulimit
- check if the settings are in effect by exceeding the limits. Here
two different results are possible: OS kills the job or PDC detects
the limit violation and kills the job. Try to provoke both behaviours.
- check the result if a 64 bit limit (e.g. -l s_vmem=8G) is set on a
32 bit system (should result in "unlimited")
- check if 64 bit limits are set correctly on 64 bit systems and are
in effect (e.g. set a file size limit of 5G and write such a file on a
scratch file system - check available space before!).

Attention: Not all limits are available on all operating systems (esp.
HP-UX does not have all limits).

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