04:58 Ticket #1408 (Man pages not properly formatted for 'mandb' program) created by hawson@…
It appears that many of the current man pages are not properly parsed …
04:51 Ticket #1407 (Makewhatis not always available) created by hawson@…
In recent versions of Fedora (at least version 15, possibly version …


19:44 Ticket #1406 (can't delete a PE when jobs use matching wildcard PE) created by dlove
You can't remove, say, PE mpi-x when jobs were submitted against mpi-* …
19:35 Ticket #1405 (rsh_daemon comms can be broken by pam modules) created by dlove
PAM modules writing to stderr break non-builtin remote startup. E.g. …
18:14 Ticket #777 (IZ3239: -terse option in sge_request files is ignored) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4137/sge]: […]
17:52 Ticket #777 (IZ3239: -terse option in sge_request files is ignored) reopened by dlove
From baf035: a change in the changeset 4079 fix an issue "-terse" …


19:39 Ticket #1374 (Add environment variable SGE_DRMAA_ALLOW_JOB_ERROR_STATE) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4134/sge]: […]


14:50 Changeset in sge [4237] by Dave Love <d.love@…>
Various clean-ups Remove DARWIN6 except for some complex #ifdefs.


22:44 Ticket #1404 (do a qzsh) created by dlove
People shouldn't have to suffer csh to use the shell integration. We …
22:42 Ticket #617 (IZ2847: Execd install fails when hostname contains capital letters) closed by dlove
22:42 Ticket #602 (IZ2809: qmaster exits with lGetString: wrong type for field ...) closed by dlove
22:38 Ticket #1403 (unsafe /tmp handling) created by dlove
There are various instances remaining of /tmp/thing$$ usage …
22:38 Ticket #1402 (spurious error: invalid pe job range setting for job) created by dlove
Qmaster logs errors "invalid pe job range setting for job" when there …
22:37 Ticket #1401 (avoid junit in normal java build) created by dlove
Presumably it shouldn't be necessary to run tests on installation


17:47 Ticket #1398 (RQS for limits not working for parallel jobs) created by Reuti
Having a single RQS entry like for a non-consumable: limit …


14:47 Ticket #1396 (SGE fixes detected by clangs static analyser) closed by dlove
fixed: Fixed by [4124]


15:20 Ticket #118 (IZ659: sge_execd creates world-writeable files in active_jobs directory) closed by dlove
fixed: See #1370


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17:16 Ticket #1397 (howto/drmaa_python.html out-of-date) created by dlove
The examples don't correspond to the current Python DRMAA bindings. …
17:02 Ticket #1396 (SGE fixes detected by clangs static analyser) created by o.flebbe@…
Hi Appended you find 3 patch files for bugs detected by clang's …


11:00 Ticket #1395 (qstat -g c can't be limited by -u, -U, -q, -pe, -l) created by Reuti
The man page of qstat explains in the section for the option -g c: …


14:23 Changeset in arco [246] by Dave Love <d.love@…>
Fix updatedb.sh's list of jars


23:42 Ticket #1394 (check possible issues with locale inconsistency) created by dlove
There's currently no consideration of possible problems with …
18:07 Ticket #1393 (exempt certain programs from execd control) created by dlove
See http://gridengine.org/pipermail/dev/2011-November/000051.html et seq
18:06 Ticket #1392 (PE task array job failure due to missing job script on execd) created by dlove
See http://gridengine.org/pipermail/dev/2011-December/000081.html et seq


18:30 Ticket #1390 (Re: #1370 execd spool files are world-writable) closed by admin
should have been on 1370
18:26 Ticket #1370 (execd spool files are world-writable) closed by admin
invalid: This happened when the NFS-mounted spool didn't have root permission. …
18:22 Ticket #1391 (warn at execd startup if spool lacks root permission) created by dlove
If the spool is NFS-mounted without root permission, shepherd files …
18:22 Ticket #1390 (Re: #1370 execd spool files are world-writable) created by dlove
This happened when the NFS-mounted spool didn't have root permission. …


18:02 Ticket #1389 (remove old processor set stuff) created by dlove
See "processors" in queue definition etc.


13:00 Ticket #1388 (remove PVM specifics?) created by dlove
What's the function of notify_tasker in shepherd.c, and can it be …
12:59 Ticket #1387 (per-user consumables) created by dlove
It would be useful to have something along the lines of per-user …
12:58 Ticket #1386 (generalize request form for PEs (and others)) created by dlove
Currently job PE requests can only be wildcarded, which means they …
12:56 Ticket #1385 (qalter should support JSV) created by dlove
The JSV RFE mentions qalter as a JSV client, but qalter currently …
12:53 Ticket #1373 (check/document sge_share_mon) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4109/sge]: […]
11:47 Ticket #371 (IZ2077: qstat -j -xml messages incomplete) closed by dlove
invalid: Message is now different
11:41 Ticket #361 (IZ2065: qstat -r -xml is missing entry) closed by dlove
invalid: Looks at worst to be due to lack of doc on element names.
11:38 Ticket #356 (IZ2049: qstat -F XML displays complexes inconsistently) closed by dlove
invalid: Complexes are now output as XML elements


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