22:31 Ticket #492 (IZ2507: "root" should be able to submit jobs for arbitrary users via ...) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4200/sge]: […]
16:44 WikiStart edited by dlove
00:30 WikiStart edited by dlove


23:45 Ticket #508 (IZ2553: /tmp/*_messages files are subject to symlink vulnerabilities) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4186/sge]: […]
23:45 Ticket #808 (IZ3271: Syslog protocol support in SGE) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4186/sge]: […]


08:39 Ticket #1415 (Error building tcsh (Curses Error)) created by ursula.winkler@…
OS: CentOS 6.1 SGE-Version: sge-20120301 Prerequisites: everything …


21:49 Ticket #1388 (remove PVM specifics?) closed by dlove
fixed: Fixed by [4170]


23:04 Ticket #1414 (misleading error message from execd "neither submit nor admin host") created by dlove
Trying to start execd on a host unknown to qmaster is refused with …
20:31 Ticket #293 (IZ1881: sgeCA should be outside of CELL directory) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4155/sge]: […]


18:01 Ticket #1413 (qalter -w reports "job is already running" for held job) created by dlove
$ qstat job-ID prior name user state submit/start at …
18:01 Ticket #1412 (check in rc script that the shepherd, at least, will load) created by dlove
The failure is obscure if shared libraries are missing when the shepherd …


18:33 Ticket #215 (IZ1383: replace_params() function needs improvement) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4151/sge]: […]


13:29 Ticket #1411 (failure with non-ASCII names) created by dlove
Passing qsub a non-ASCII job name (for instance), it reports Unable to …


22:42 Ticket #1410 (some wc_pe_name patterns are rejected) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4147/sge]: […]
21:14 Ticket #802 (IZ3265: array jobs with PE and dependencies killing qmaster) closed by dlove
worksforme: Probably fixed by [3511]
09:25 Ticket #1410 (some wc_pe_name patterns are rejected) created by dlove
Jobs submitted with ? or [] glob patterns are rejected (though * is OK).
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