18:26 Ticket #1431 (DRMAA can "reconnect" with a bogus session key) created by dlove
untitled-part.mht Am 15.08.2012 um 15:11 schrieb Dave …


13:46 Tickets #1383,​1430 batch updated by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4302/sge]: […]


12:28 Ticket #1430 (inst_template.conf improvement) created by Florian.LaRoche@…
Hello all, the following changes inst_template.conf into a config …


16:30 Ticket #1429 (Large,short jobs do not run.) created by wish
Using SGE 6.2u3 Short jobs as requested by h_rt requesting a lot of …


20:10 Ticket #1428 (SoGE release tags in git) created by m.c.dixon@…
I know that darcs is the primary RCS, but would it possible for SoGE …
14:15 Ticket #174 (IZ1047: qacct should dump scale unit for data output) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4296/sge]: […]
13:30 WikiStart edited by dlove
11:27 Changeset in arco [250] by Dave Love <d.love@…>
Doc updates
11:26 Changeset in arco [249] by Dave Love <d.love@…>
Minor build file changes


23:12 Changeset in arco [248] by Dave Love <d.love@…>
TAG 811
15:07 Ticket #1427 (Limit RAM usage via cgroups on linux) created by wish
Borrow this idea (and maybe code) from the other open source grid …
14:26 Ticket #1426 (implement RSMAP complex) created by dlove
14:25 Ticket #1425 (implement PE sorting) created by dlove
Sorting PEs lexically is probably straightforward and useful: …
14:21 Ticket #1424 (implement keep_active=error to preserve shepherd files) created by dlove
@type enhancement Make execd param keep_active=error preserve the …
14:17 Ticket #1423 (renew_all_certs creates CRL which expires after one month) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4291/sge]: […]


13:35 Ticket #1423 (renew_all_certs creates CRL which expires after one month) created by aylee
I've stumbled over an effect which seems to be the same as described …


16:21 Ticket #276 (IZ1803: Binary jobs are problematic for starter and epilog scripts) closed by dlove
fixed: fixed by RD-2005-10-25-0


22:08 Ticket #577 (IZ2740: Parallel jobs should be handled as a group) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4278/sge]: […]


14:29 Ticket #1422 (qstat et al should support -clear) created by dlove
The -clear option is only supported for clients using sge_request for …
10:37 Ticket #1421 (command line doesn't override embedded for -masterq) created by wish
The qsub man page says that command line options can be used to …
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