23:36 Ticket #710 (IZ3113: too many qsub -sync jobs wedge the qmaster on failover) closed by dlove
fixed: [3311]
22:58 Ticket #746 (IZ3189: sge_qmaster crashes with message from sge_smf_contract_fork()) closed by dlove
fixed: [3461]


11:13 Ticket #1439 (Modifying hostgroup creates spurious queue instances) created by wish
Adding hosts to a hostgroup causes queue instances to be created for …


15:13 Ticket #314 (IZ1949: 2 instances of non well-formed XML output from "qstat -xml") closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In 4359/sge: […]


14:35 Ticket #314 (IZ1949: 2 instances of non well-formed XML output from "qstat -xml") reopened by dlove
This isn't properly fixed. Non-running qmaster results in […] and …


11:29 Ticket #1438 (Parallel jobs will not start outside the default queue while RQS are active) created by Carsten
Using a PE (no matter if MPI or SMP), having slot limiting RQS …


10:49 Ticket #1437 (builtin qlogin client fails on 8.1.1 and 8.1.2) created by d.munro@…
The qlogin builtin client fails to start a shell on versions since …


14:19 Ticket #1436 (man jsv_script_interface shows wrong call in examples section) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In 4349/sge: […]
11:59 Ticket #720 (IZ3143: Request multiple slots without using a PE) closed by dlove
wontfix: As Reuti said.


13:24 Ticket #678 (IZ3046: cluster name check is failing in installation) closed by dlove
fixed: MP-2009-06-30-0


18:01 Ticket #800 (IZ3262: -t not available for qalter) closed by dlove
fixed: Man page now seems correct


15:01 Ticket #1436 (man jsv_script_interface shows wrong call in examples section) created by Reuti
The man page and html document contain at the end: […] Most …
13:01 Ticket #794 (IZ3256: qsub -p accepts anything as priority value) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In 4348/sge: […]
12:48 Ticket #353 (IZ2044: Checkpointing: More intuitive naming of checkpointing conditions) closed by dlove
wontfix: Seems too incompatible and too late to change now.


23:38 Ticket #348 (IZ2039: Checkpointing: RESTARTED=2 for application-level interface) closed by dlove
23:37 Ticket #819 (IZ3283: -builtin- job startup method inherits $TERM from the execd and ...) closed by dlove
fixed: Fixed by [4227] and some other for TERM
17:34 Tickets #350,​351 batch updated by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In 4347/sge: […]


16:57 Ticket #1435 (qalter -w says held job is already running) created by dlove
The message from qalter -w p on a held job is verification: job is …
14:06 Ticket #693 (IZ3076: syntax error for empty SGE_QMASTER/EXECD_PORT) closed by dlove
fixed: MP-2009-07-16-0
14:02 Ticket #593 (IZ2780: Move manager/operator setup out of CreateSGEStartupScripts) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In [4342/sge]: […]


08:54 Ticket #745 (IZ3188: Scheduling parallel jobs should allow regular patterns in pe ...) closed by wish
duplicate: Duplicates 1410 fixed in SoGE 8.1.1


16:28 Ticket #676 (IZ3038: upgrade scripts do not handle fully qualified domain names) closed by dlove
fixed: SH-2009-05-29-0
16:26 Ticket #665 (IZ3005: jgdi SSL connections from one client jvm to different SGE ...) closed by dlove
fixed: AA-2009-04-22-0


16:05 WikiStart edited by dlove


17:29 Ticket #1434 (provide DRMAA 2 C library) created by dlove
Presumably other languages will be taken care of by bindings with …
17:15 Ticket #1433 (reporting data should allow correlating hosts and parallel tasks) created by dlove
The reporting data don't seem to have complete information on which …
16:29 Changeset in hedeby [883] by Dave Love <d.love@…>
www updates
16:29 Changeset in hedeby [882] by Dave Love <d.love@…>
Clean up build.xml
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