13:35 Ticket #360 (IZ2062: Memory leak in qmaster) closed by dlove
fixed: Assume it's a duplicate of #682.
13:34 Ticket #682 (IZ3050: 6.2u2_1 qmaster large memory leak) closed by dlove
fixed: Assuming this is fixed by [4735]. The Leeds case is very likely to be …
13:15 Ticket #1504 (Missing account_name documentation) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In 4734/sge: […]


15:23 Ticket #1504 (Missing account_name documentation) created by hepcat72
I'm a newbie and just starting to figure out SGE, so let me know if …


12:44 Ticket #1496 (Multiple qrsh's to the same slave node from same job cause cgroup problems) created by markdixon
I'm running 8.1.5 plus some local patches to help make the cgroup …


12:02 Ticket #1459 (USE_CGROUPS sets host in error state) closed by dlove
11:07 Ticket #1491 (Support -sys-jemalloc option) closed by dlove
11:06 Ticket #1494 (Support building without rpaths) closed by Dave Love <d.love@…>
fixed: In 4725/sge: […]
11:02 Ticket #1480 (Prevent root-owned files in execd active_job spool area) closed by dlove
fixed: Fixed by [4640]
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