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    2525== News ==
    27 * 2010-11-10 A general [#mail mail list] and bug-reporting by mail are available.
     27* 2010-11-14: You can now access the repos with Mercurial (`hg`) at the same URLs as with `darcs`, e.g. {{{hg clone}}}.  (They should probably be aliased to avoid confusion.)  An hg server isn't currently available, so pulling may be relatively slow, and mirroring currently isn't automatic, so the hg repo may be slightly out-of-date.
     29* 2010-11-14: Most jar files have been expunged since several from the sunsource repository are copyleft, and can't be distributed as-were.  Since this involved re-writing history in the `arco` and `nbgui` repos, if you pulled from them, you'll need to do it again, unfortnuately.
     31* 2010-11-10: A general [#mail mail list] and bug-reporting by mail are available.
    2933== !Repositories/Source ==
    4448* HTML documentation: This is either rebuild-able (like Javadocs) and/or probably not useful outside the gridengine web site (like HTML-ized man pages).
    46 The repositories are currently just available under
    47 [ darcs], but are intended to be mirrored eventually,
    48 at least to Mercurial.  (Darcs is a nice distributed version control
     50In other repos, `.jar` files have mostly been removed (especially as
     51some of them were from copyleft source), and the directories for
     52support of obsolete versions have been removed from `nbgui`.  This may
     53affect building Java sources.
     55The repositories are maintained under
     56[ darcs], but are mirrored to Mercurial see
     57[#News News]; git will
     58also be available eventually.  (Darcs is a nice distributed version control
    4959system, but doesn't currently scale so well with a repository of this
    5060size and age.  It's fine for looking at the change history and
    6474The head of the source tree is actually available directly via the
    6575`Repository URL` links for each repository, and if you
    66 really need all the current source without a darcs client, this should
     76really need all the current source without a darcs or hg client, this should
    6777do the trick: