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    226226which is also continuing work on gridengine but has
    227227different aims.  Unlike this one, its repository doesn't use a distributed
    228 revision control system, and doesn't include history from
    229 before the gridengine v6.2u5 release, or the documentation.  It would
    230 be better if there was only one project, but this satisfies the need
    231 for those things missing from OGS (and more, like a
    232 bug-tracker that doesn't involve creating yet another account),
    233 which should ease contributing.
    235 The `sge` source here is currently a superset of
    236 OGS's, and is likely to remain so.  It includes the changes from OGS, or close
    237 equivalents, plus some important fixes for persistent or immediate crashes
    238 in some circumstances, and other less important changes, as well as
    239 documentation.
    240 It is currently more unstable than OGS, but breakage should get
    241 fixed, at least if it isn't inherited from the original code base, and
    242 there will probably be stable and development branches eventually.
     228revision control system, doesn't include history from
     229before the gridengine v6.2u5 release, existing issues, or sources from outside the gridengine repository.  It would
     230be better if there was only one project, and there is now hope of
     231being able to work together somewhat.
     233The `sge` source here is essentially a large superset of
     234OGS's 6.2u5 releases and will probably acquire the functionality added
     235in their GE2011.11 release when there's time to merge it.
    244237== Other Resources == #resources