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    99[ free software] project
    10 that used to live at,
    11 now that Oracle have shut down the site and are not contributing
    12 code.  It will maintain copies of as much as possible/useful from the old
    13 site.
     10that used to live at
     11after Oracle shut down the site and stopped contributing
     12code.  (Univa now own the copyright — see below.)
     13It will maintain copies of as much as possible/useful from the old site.
    1515The idea is to encourage sharing, in the spirit of the original
    3131Currently most information you find for the gridengine v6.2u5 release
    32 will apply to this effort.  The old Sun wiki documentation for that
    33 has now been pulled, but there is
    34 [ documentation for Oracle the 6.2u7 version]
    35 if you think the
    36 [ copyright statement]
    37 allows you to read it.  See also [#resources Other Resources],
     32will apply to this effort, but the non-free documentation that used to
     33be available from Oracle has been expurgated and no-one has the
     34time/interest to replace it.
     35See also [#resources Other Resources],
    3836particularly [ extra information] locally, and the
    3937[ download area].
    132130may be relatively slow.  Also note that pulls with git or hg leave
    133131scripts not executable, but the initial `aimk` fixes that.
     133Since darcs is patch based, the ordering of patches (e.g. reflected in
     134git or hg pulls) isn't necessarily related to the dates on the log messages,
     135and release tags in the original repo aren't reflected in git or hg.
     136The parallel "release" repo does have a linear history if you want to
     137track actual releases.
    135139== Building ==
    205209the items in the old issue tracker — ‘Issuezilla’, sometimes referred to
    206210as ‘IZ’, and the general material from the sunsource web site.  Oracle promised to donate
    207 artifacts from the old site, but it doesn't look as if we'll ever see those.  Most of the extra information is available via the page of [ extra information].
     211artifacts from the old site, but never did.  Most of the extra information is available via the page of [ extra information].
    209213The active IZ issues have been transferred
    219223[ archive] of the old -users and -dev
    220224lists (but mixed up, non-threaded, and currently not indexed).  Beware of referring to items in that archive,
    221 as the URLs won't be stable unless we get the complete archives from Oracle.
     225as the URLs won't be stable in the absence of complete archives from
     226the old list.
    223228== Copyright and Naming ==
    272277* There's a page of [ extra information], including updated versions of the [ howto] documents from sunsource, HTML-formatted [ manpages], and [ Javadocs].
    274 * Oracle have a [ Oracle Grid Engine Forum], but it's presumably specific to Oracle's version, and is likely to be at least as helpful; also you might want to note the [ terms of use] before posting in that forum.
    276279== Contact ==