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    2424fed into that.
    26 See also the [ site], in particular the
     26See also the [ site], which now
     27only seems useful for the
    2728[ mail lists] hosted there.
    2829The `users` list is probably the best one to use for general gridengine
    3738[ download area].
    39 This wiki isn't currently generally editable, but will be when spam
    40 protection is in place; yes it needs reorganizing and expanding.  If
    41 you're a known past contributor to gridengine and would like to help,
     40This wiki isn't currently generally editable, but could be is people
     41would actually like to contribute; yes it needs reorganizing and expanding.  If
     42you're a known past/current contributor to gridengine and would like to help,
    4243please [#Contact get in touch] for access or to make any other
    4546== News ==
     48* 2016-03-02:  Version 8.1.9 [ available].
     49  Note that this changes the communication protocol due to the MUNGE support, and really should
     50  have been labelled 8.2 in hindsight — ensure you close down execds
     51  before upgrading.
    4753* 2014-11-03: Version 8.1.8 [ available].
    6773  packaging for Debian (as opposed to the standalone packaging now in
    6874  the `sge` repository).
    70 * 2012-08-28: Version 8.1.2
    71   [ available], mainly fixing a regression in 8.1.1 and providing Linux cpuset-based containment ([ NEWS]).
    73 * 2012-07-17: Version 8.1.1 [ available] with many [ changes] and extra binaries for Cygwin (only client programs currently usable).
    75 * 2012-06-10: Version 8.1.0 [ available], with a few stability [ fixes over 8.0.0e and better RPM packaging] as well as adopting different versioning.
    7776== !Repositories/Source ==
    8281version 5.3 — and also has some re-buildable files removed, to keep it a bit more
    8382manageable.  Only the repository trunk was converted in each
    84 case, but see [#History History].
     83case, but see [#History History].  Earlier source is still in the [ Univa repo].
    8685Also, some files are omitted from those in the head of the sunsource `sge` repo
    136135git or hg pulls) isn't necessarily related to the dates on the log messages,
    137136and release tags in the original repo aren't reflected in git or hg.
    138 The parallel "release" repo does have a linear history if you want to
    139 track actual releases.
     137The parallel "release" repo does have a linear history with at least
     138recent release tag if you want to track actual releases.
     140There is currently a git mirror of the repos at
     141[ gitlab].
    141144== Building ==
    230233== Copyright and Naming ==
     235The name ‘Son of Grid Engine’ was chosen for several reasons:
     236* Legal concerns originally over the licence terms with respect to naming (see below);
     237* The need for a hacker-style punny name as for [ GNU] and several of its
     238  re-implementations (with GNU as a precedent for the first point);
     239* Ability to retain ‘SGE’ as an abbreviation by dropping of an
     240  insignificant word.
    232242The Sunsource material has been copied according to the original [ sunsource terms].
    233243Material here has an explicit or implicit copyright under the same
    262272== Related ==
    264 As well as Univa's now-dead public repo, there's another project,
     274As well as Univa's now-dead public repo, there was another project,
    265275[ Open Grid Scheduler],
    266 or ‘gridscheduler’, which is also continuing work on gridengine but has
    267 different aims.  Unlike this one, its repository doesn't use a distributed
    268 revision control system, doesn't include history from
    269 before the gridengine v6.2u5 release, existing issues, or sources from outside the gridengine repository.  It would
    270 be better if there was only one project but, unfortunately, there now
    271 seems no prospect of that.
    273 The `sge` source here is essentially a large superset of
    274 OGS's 6.2u5 releases and will probably acquire the functionality added
    275 in their GE2011.11 release when there's time to merge it.
     276or ‘gridscheduler’, which unfortunately wasn't interested in community
     277cooperation and is apparently also dead.  This is a superset of their
     278functionality, though the code may be different in parts,
     279e.g. more-or-less cosmetic differences in OGS and stripping of
     280Univa-specific stuff.
    277282== Other Resources == #resources